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Gene Therapy Cancer Treatment Given Federal ApprovalThe very first federal approval of a gene therapy as a cancer treatment is being called an historic event.
App Could Help Detect Pancreatic Cancer Using A SelfieResearchers are developing an app for your phone that could detect pancreatic cancer and other illnesses by taking a selfie.
Risk Of Death Doubled By Alternative Cancer Treatments, Study SaysNew medical research is claiming that cancer patients who opt for unconventional treatments are at much greater risk of dying from the disease.
Rescue Cat That Cared For Young Cancer Patient Named 'Cat Of The Year'A caring rescue cat has been named Great Britain's National Cat of the Year for helping to comfort a young cancer patient, BBC News reported.
John McCain To Return To Senate Just Days After Brain Cancer DiagnosisSen. John McCain is heading back to work Tuesday ahead of a crucial vote on health care reform.
Words Of Support For Sen. McCain Diagnosed With Brain TumorSupport and words of encouragement are pouring in from both sides of the aisle in Congress after learning their colleague, Sen. John McCain, has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer.
Sen. John McCain Diagnosed With Brain CancerArizona Sen. John McCain’s office confirms he has been diagnosed with brain cancer.
Let's Get WELLfluent: More Than An Ounce Of PreventionWhy regularly screening for colon cancer could be one of the most important diagnostic tests you take.
Lung, Prostate, Breast Cancer Drugs Show New PromiseDrugs are scoring big wins against common cancers, setting new standards for how to treat many prostate, breast and lung tumors.
Can Certain Foods Affect Cancer Risks?We’ve all heard about the Mediterranean diet being good and grilled meat as being bad. There’s a kernel of truth, but a bushel of hype.
South Florida Survivor Changing Lives One Knock At A TimeRarely will you hear someone refer to a cancer diagnosis as a success story, but that's exactly how Andrea Ivory sees it.
Survivor Pays It Forward And Shows Cancer Patients 'We Care'Cancer survivor pays it forward to help others undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

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