Busch Gardens

15-Year-Old Female Cheetah Euthanized At Naples ZooA 15-year-old female cheetah has died at the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens.
Baby Gorilla Dies At Busch Gardens In TampaA 7-month old gorilla died while under anesthesia in Busch Garden in Tampa.
Zoo Miami Loses 2nd KoalaThe oldest koala in North America and Europe has died at Zoo Miami.
New Coaster Announced At Busch Gardens For 2016The Cobra’s Curse, a spinning roller coaster with a 70-foot descent, is scheduled to open next year at Busch Gardens.
Woman Hit By Stray Bullet While Waiting For FireworksPolice said a 20-year-old woman was hit in the leg by a stray bullet while waiting to see New Year’s fireworks at Busch Gardens.
Busch Gardens Removes Some Props After Complaints As Halloween approaches, Busch Gardens theme parks removed some props from the attractions after people in Virginia complained about decapitated heads.
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3 Giraffes & 1 Anteater Born At Busch GardensIt's a baby boom at Bush Gardens in Tampa. The park is celebrating the births of three giraffes and an anteater.
New Thrill Ride To Debut At Busch Gardens Busch Gardens is opening a new attraction which will take riders high and low.
Coaster Strands Riders At Busch Gardens In Tampa Sixteen people who got stuck while riding a Busch Gardens roller coaster in Tampa have been safely removed from the ride.
Beach Boys, Benatar Cancel At Busch Gardens After Controversial DocumentaryAfter nine musical acts pulled out of performing at SeaWorld Orlando, the cancellations have spread to its sister park, Busch Gardens.
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