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Bureau Of Labor Statistics


Florida Sets Records For Jobless Claims In 2010

The Great Recession has taken a large toll on the Florida workforce, even after the recession technically ended.



Unemployment Drops To 8.5 Percent

Florida’s unemployment rate has been stuck in double-digits for months now, but new numbers on the national level may give Floridians hope that the employment picture is pointing in the right direction.


(Source: AP Photo/David Goldman)

Fla. Had Good Year In Lowering Unemployment, Comparatively

Florida had the second best year among all the states in terms of reducing unemployment over the last year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this week.



Unemployed S. Floridians Would Rather Labor On Labor Day

Jontavia Bellamy and her family packed up the car to head to Miami Beach and barbeque Monday. But her Labor Day cookout plans left a sour taste in her mouth. Bellamy would rather have been working.



Miami’s Total Unemployment Rate Hits 21.8 Percent

Each month, much fanfare is given to the release of unemployment numbers. But it turns out; the devil is in the details when trying to figure out the true unemployment rate for a city like Miami.