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Judge Strikes Down 3% Pension Requirement For State Workers

A state judge has struck down a new law that required public employees to contribute 3-percent of their income to their retirement pensions.


(Source: BTU) Pat Santeramo, President of the Broward Teachers Union

Ex Teachers Union Chief’s Payout Docked For Expenses

Former Broward Teachers Union chief Pat Santeramo’s six figure pay out will be docked $56 thousand to pay personal charges he put on union credit cards and salary over payments.


(Source: BTU) Pat Santeramo, President of the Broward Teachers Union

BTU Chief Pat Santeramo Resigns

Broward Teacher’s Union president Pat Santeramo resigned from his position with the BTU and as the vice president of the American Federation of Teachers late Tuesday evening.


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New BTU Administrator: “Great Deal Of Work To Be Done”

Members of the Broward Teachers Union met their new administrator Tuesday.



New BTU Administrator Named

The Broward Teachers Union will have a new administrator, at least for the next six months.



In Depth: Audit Exposes Financial Troubles At Broward Teacher’s Union

A closer look at a 2-year audit of the Broward Teacher’s Union finances reveals an organization with little financial oversight, a glaring lack of transparency and eye-popping amounts paid to leadership and a construction company […]


(Source: BTU) Pat Santeramo, President of the Broward Teachers Union

Report: Questionable Spending At Broward Teacher’s Union

CBS4 News is getting a look at a confidential audit report detailing financial irregularities within the Broward Teacher’s Union that have led some members of the Union’s Executive Board to call for the removal of Union President Pat Santeramo.


(Source: BTU) Pat Santeramo, President of the Broward Teachers Union

BTU Exec. Board Temporarily Removes Santeramo As President

The Broward Teacher’s Union made major changes Tuesday night which saw a shakeup in leadership, at least temporarily.


(Source: BTU) Pat Santeramo, President of the Broward Teachers Union

BTU President Accused Of Election Fraud; Ouster Demanded

The Broward Teachers Union has confirmed that more than 2 dozen union members were involved in apparent campaign irregularities in the last presidential campaign, related to campaign contributions. 4 members of the union’s Executive Board have pointed the finger of blame at BTU president Pat Santeramo, demanding he resign.



Broward School Board, BTU Reach Tentative Contract Agreement

Officials with the Broward Teachers Union and the Broward School Board announced late Thursday that they have reached a tentative contract agreement, the first in three years.