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AT&T Announces ‘4G LTE Advanced’ For 2013; Verizon 5G Next

If the rumors are true, real, honest-to-god 4G in the United States could be on the way sometime in the next 7 to 12 months.


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Google Intros Supercharged Internet, Google Fiber TV

Google is working to supercharge Internet speeds and offer more interactivity with television.

CBS Miami–07/26/2012

Jobie, the Junior Orange Bowl mascot. (Source:

Bands, Floats To Mark 63rd Annual Junior Orange Bowl Parade

The 63rd annual Junior Orange Bowl Parade will hit the streets of downtown Coral Gables on Monday, and the festivities will include colorful floats, marching bands and a lot of family fun.



FCC Plans Vote On Net Neutrality In December

The Federal Communications Commission is set push forward with a plan the would enforce net neutrality. The plan would prohibit phone and cable companies from blocking or discriminating against Internet traffic over their broadband networks.