Broward Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad conducts training 4/22/15 (Source: CBS4)

BSO’s Bomb Squad Conducts Training Exercise

With situations like the Boston Marathon Bombing, or robberies where someone declares they have a bomb strapped around their neck, local bomb squads need, and do, work to keep their skills sharp.


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Ticking Time Bombs In The Bathroom

There could be danger lurking in some of South Florida bathrooms. Exploding toilets are ticking time bombs that could put you and millions of others at risk.


ORLANDO - Miami Heat forward LeBron James videobombs Ray Allen and Sun Sports' Jason Jackson following the team's 27th straight victory on 3/25/13. (Source:

NBA Players Take Video Bombs To Next Level

It started with the Miami Heat’s Big Three having fun with one another during interviews with local and national media. But other NBA players have gotten involved and made video bombing a fun event for post-game interviews.

CBS Miami–01/01/2014

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South Florida Man Named Hero After Boston Bombing

After a long day of mayhem, with reporters and police at odds on whether the person responsible for the Boston bombing had been arrested or not, a South Florida man said that the event hit him a little too close to home.


The United States launched a missile strike on Libya March 19 (Source: AP)

Miami Reacts As USA And Allies Launch Missiles Into Libya

As the United States and its European allies pounded Libya with cruise missiles and airstrikes Saturday South Floridians reacted to the prospect of yet another war overseas