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Gov. Scott To Universities: Stop Hiking Tuition

In an effort to keep tuition costs down, Gov. Scott plans to tie state universities’ money to how well they do on helping students get a job.


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Gov. Scott Task Force OKs Determining Tuition By Degree Sought

An agreement has been reached by an education task force assembled by Gov. Scott regarding how to lower tuition costs.


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NHL Lockout Set For Saturday

The Florida Panthers are coming off a division winning season and have real momentum for the future of a franchise that has been an also-ran in recent years. But, that enthusiasm may be gone before it starts thanks to a labor fight in the NHL.

CBS Miami–09/14/2012


Board Of Governors Confirms Robinson As FAMU Interim President

The Florida Board of Governors confirmed the selection of Florida A&M University Provost and Vice President Larry Robinson as the interim head of FAMU.

CBS Miami–09/13/2012

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FIU Tuition Now The Highest Among State Universities

It will now be a lot more costly for students to attend a popular Miami-Dade County university.



Board Votes To Increase Florida Universities’ Tuition

Florida’s Board of Governors voted Thursday that the state’s public universities should be allowed to raise their tuition.



Gov. Scott Vetoes Bill To Hike College Tuition

To the delight of students struggling to pay for college, Gov. Rick Scott vetoed a bill Friday that would have allowed the University of Florida and Florida State University to increase tuition by virtually unlimited amounts.



State Supreme Court To Rule On University Tuition Increases

Who has the authority to set fees and increase tuition at the state’s universities? The Legislature or the state’s Board of Governors.



Students Rally Against College Tuition Increases

Scores of students from Florida’s 11 public universities rallied in front of the old Capitol building in Tallahassee urging lawmakers to stop annual tuition increases.



USF Polytechnic Taking Steps To Become Independent University

A 12th state university in Florida may be on the horizon after the Board of Governors approved a set of benchmarks Wednesday night.





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