Holocaust Survivor David Schaecter (Source: CBS4)

Local Holocaust Survivors React To Conviction Of Nazi Guard

Some Holocaust survivors in South Florida are speaking out after a 94-year old former Nazi guard was found guilty Wednesday in Germany.


(Source: CBS4)

Holocaust Survivors Battle For Insurance Benefits

Adolph Hitler and his axis of evil incarnate exterminated six million Jews, packing them into rail cars and off to the concentration camps and the gas chambers and the ovens that awaited.


(Source: CBS4) Barracks at Auschwitz

March Of The Living: A Survivor’s Mission

What is the Holocaust? It’s a simple sentence that’s not very easy to answer. But it’s one three South Florida Holocaust survivors are trying to explain it to teenagers in hopes of keeping their legacy alive, long after their lives end. It’s their life’s work.


(Source: CBS4) The door to the gas chamber at the Majdanek death camp.

March Of The Living: Gas Chambers Of Majdanek

Every year thousands of people from around the world travel to Poland with a purpose. It’s simple. To march for the living where thousands more marched to their deaths. The march takes place every year in Auschwitz, Poland on Holocaust Remembrance Day.


(Source: CBS4) Three South Florida survivors of the Haulocaust return to Poland as part of the March of the Living.

March Of The Living: Three Who Survived

Three men…three stories…three lives changed forever. Nearly 70 years after the holocaust, survivors David Schaecter, David Mermelstein and Joe Sachs remember those horrific dark days and the loved ones they lost — just like it was yesterday.


March Of The Living: Walking With History

Since I returned from The March of the Living, I’ve been waking up at odd hours of the early morning, thinking about the things I saw and learned and searching for effective, sensitive ways to tell their stories. It’s a huge responsibility, one I could never have imagined I would face. Yet I’m so grateful fate chose me to be a part of it, giving me the chance to help others understand.


OSWIECIM, POLAND - JANUARY 26: Cyclon B gas cannisters used are displayed at Auschwitz 1 Concentration Camp on the day before the 60TH anniversary of the liberation of the camp is celebrated by a gathering of survivors, politicans and world leaders on January 27, 2005 in Aushwitz, Poland.  (Photo by Julian Herbert/Getty Images)

Zyklon Coaster’s Name Conjures Bad Memories

If you head out to the Broward County Fair this year, you have the opportunity to experience a new roller coaster with a potentially controversial name.



Holocaust Survivors Horrified Over Identity Theft

A prominent Holocaust survivor told CBS4 that he is horrified that a 23-year-old Northwest Miami-Dade woman is accused by federal authorities of trying to sell the identity information of 32 holocaust survivors.