Prescription Danger

Powerful Antibiotic Could Be A Prescription For Danger Pt. II

More and more people are coming forward claiming to be seriously ill victims of a powerful antibiotic they too, supposedly to get well. Now CBS$’s Chief Investigator Michele Gillen reveals an internal FDA safety report and details what the government agency isn’t telling the public.


(Photo courtesy: Chick-fil-A/Facebook)

Chick-Fil-A To Use Chicken Without Antibiotics

A popular quick-serve chicken restaurant is opting to serve only chicken raised without antibiotics.



Broward Identifies Multiple Cases Of Whooping Cough

Broward County Health officials reported Saturday they have discovered four confirmed cases of whooping cough, also known as pertussis.



Bedbugs Can Carry MRSA

Bedbugs can be both a nuisance and a pain to travelers and homeowners. But scientists now say the bugs can do a lot more than just leave itchy red welts on your skin.


A South Florida mother is outraged after her son contracts hookworms on Miami Beach

Mother Outraged After Son Contracts Hookworm

A Miami Beach mother is outraged after she said her son contracted hookworm while playing on the beach at 87th Terrace and Collins this weekend.