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File photo of a doctor wearing a stethoscope. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Family Files Lawsuit After Mother Dies In Hospital

Did a medication error lead to a woman’s death at Jackson Health North?


(Source: CBS4)

Allergy Meds May Cause Drowsy Drivers Danger On The Road

If your summer plans include driving, you could come across a new danger on the roads this year. Certain allergy medications might be affecting users behind the wheel.

CBS Miami–07/28/2013

Dr. Dana Wallace, FL Center for Allergy & Asthma Care (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: Asthma & Allergies

Summer should be a season of fun. However, for some it means struggling with allergies & asthma. Fortunately, they don’t have to spoil your summer activities.

My TV 33–07/14/2013


“Hidden Allergy” Causing Problems For Patients

It’s an itchy debilitating rash that can break out when your skin touches a usually harmless substance. It can happen at any age, lead to infection and even scaring and blood poisoning. But this hidden allergy is often tough to figure out.



Report: Glaucoma Linked To Some Allergy Medications

For some, living in South Florida is synonymous with living with allergies, and now new reports indicates that some medications could possibly lead to blindness.



Spring Has Sprung, Allergies Are In Season

While Spring officially begins March 20th tropical flowers and foliage already are coming into full bloom – along with your allergies!



Chicken Pies Recalled Amid Egg Allergy Concerns

A California food company is pulling one of their products off of store shelves over fears a common allergen is not properly identified on it’s labels.


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Solving Mystery ‘Allergy’ Symptoms

Sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose. Millions of people are diagnosed with suffering from allergies when it may be something completely different.