African Queen

In this Thursday, May 2, 2013, photo released by the Florida Keys News Bureau, Brad Davis show his right leg calf tattoo of legendary film actor Humphrey Bogart in Key Largo, Fla. Davis, who lives in Riverview, Fla.,  is one of several thousand Bogart fans who have converged in the Florida Keys through Sunday to participate in the inaugural Humphrey Bogart Film Festival. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY (Andy Newman/Florida Keys News Bureau/HO)

Bogey Fans Flocked To The Keys

Thousands of Bogey fans are in the Keys this weekend celebrating the cinematic accomplishments of the legendary actor.


African Queen Boat From Humphrey Bogart Movie Restored

Key Largo Is Calling All “Bogey” Fans

Fans of film legend Humphrey Bogart are invited to delight in three days of all-things-Bogart.


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Getaway Guide: One Tank Trip To Key Largo

If a sagging economy and steep gas prices are keeping you from a European vacation or a trip to the Grand Canyon, don’t despair. Travel to Key Largo, just 60 miles and a world away. Enjoy warm ocean waters, exotic wildlife and unique restaurants for an experience guaranteed to knock you right out of that daily grind.


Lance and Suzanne Holmquist onboard the restored African Queen in Key Largo. (Source: Emily Michot/Miami Herald Staff)

Restoration Almost Complete On Iconic “African Queen”

The iconic “African Queen” will once again ply the waters off Key Largo. Registered as a national historic site, the original vessel from John Huston’s classic 1951 film “The African Queen” starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn has under gone a major restoration and will soon be fit to carry passengers.