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Are Low Testosterone Drugs Worth The Risks?

For millions of men trying to fight the effects of aging, there’s a drug that claims to make you stronger, smarter and more virile. But as CBS4’s Eliott Rodriguez tells us, life threatening side effects have many questioning if fighting low testosterone is worth the risk.


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Facebook Looks To Amp Up Ads In Users’ News Feeds

Facebook is getting users accustomed to ads slowly and incrementally. One small change, then another — that way, users get used to seeing them.

CBS Miami–08/15/2012

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Limbaugh Continues Losing Advertisers

Over the weekend, seven advertisers decided that controversial conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s latest comments calling a student a “slut,” a “prostitute,” and asking her to produce a sex tape were too much and dropped their sponsorship of his show.



Effort To Move Foreclosure Notices Online Fails In Legislature

Despite the fact that there are almost as many homes with computers as there are with televisions, the state of Florida is not yet ready to move home foreclosure notices off the printed page and onto a webpage, killing that proposal Tuesday after intense lobbying by newspapers and groups representing the elderly and minorities.


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Miami-Dade Schools May Implement Advertising Program

Students may soon see something different in their schools: advertisements. That’s because Miami-Dade County public schools is close to rolling out a major advertising program.



Miami Herald Cuts More Jobs, Blames Economy

The Miami Herald Media Company announced yet another round of job cuts at its Miami newspapers Monday, cutting 15 jobs and eliminating 35 positions.