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Adam Putnam

(Source: CBS)

Florida About To Hit Concealed Weapons Milestone

Florida is about to hit a milestone when it comes to those ‘packing heat’. Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said sometime next week the state will issue its one millionth permit to carry a concealed weapon.


Milk (AP)

Sugar Reduced In Milk Served In Schools

In an effort to have healthier choices available in school lunches, suppliers of chocolate and strawberry flavored milk to most of the state’s schools have reduced the amount of sugar they use in the drinks.


(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Fla. Politicians React To Health Care Decision

Within minutes of the Supreme Court’s decision, Florida Democrats and Republicans began firing off statements either labeling the Affordable Care Act as either a burdensome new tax or lauding it is as monumental ruling in American history.

CBS Miami–06/28/2012


Top 10 Consumer Complaints

Most people love to complain. Now some people in Florida are realizing they can complain over the phone and actually get paid for it.



Florida Only State In U.S. With An Official Chef

Move over, Mario Batali. Step aside, Gordon Ramsey. There’s a new chef on the cusp of celebrity in the U.S., and he’s from Florida.


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Do Not Call List, Telemarketing Top List Of Consumer Complaints

The top 10 consumer complaints filed during 2011 were released Thursday by The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and many repeated complaints topped the list this year.


(Source: AP Photo/Mike Derer)

School Nutrition Program Moves To Agriculture Dept.

The state’s school and food nutrition program will be part of the state Agriculture Department starting Sunday.


(Source: CBS4)

AG Pam Bondi Opposing Destination Casinos

The destination casino bills that could possibly help generate hundreds of millions of dollars is having stiff competition lining up against it.


(Photo Credit: Florida Department of Agriculture Division of Plant Industries) Giant African Land Snail

State Making Progress On War Against Giant Snails

The war against the giant African Land Snail continues across South Florida, the the generals directing the battle say the enemy is being hunted down and captured, thanks to help from the public.


(Photo Credit: Florida Department of Agriculture Division of Plant Industries) Giant African Land Snail

Giant African Land Snails Return To South Florida

They’re back. Giant African land snails which once took a decade to eradicate from South Florida have returned.





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