Abandoned Dogs

Sixteen Maltese mix dogs, were stuffed into two medium crates, piled on top of each other and left in front of the Humane Society of Greater Miami. Employees found them on April 3rd. (Courtesy: Humane Society of Greater Miami)

16 Pups Piled Into Crates Left At Human Society In Miami

Humane Society employees in Miami arrived to a horrific site on Friday morning, right in front of the facility.


(Source: CBS4)

16 Puppies & Dogs Rescued From Northwest Miami-Dade Home

Sixteen newborn puppies and dogs who were found alone and starving have been rescued after calls from neighbors lead investigators to a Northwest Miami-Dade home.


North Miami vets are caring for a homeless puppy who's jaw is broken. (CBS4)

Rescue Group Needs Help To Fix Puppy’s Broken Jaw

A South Florida animal rescue group is asking for your help so they can pay for a surgery to repair an abandoned puppy’s broken jaw.