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Focus on South Florida

Tito Puente Jr., Bandleader and festival performer (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: 2014 Florida Documentary Film Festival

A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality. “DocMiami” is a nonprofit, dedicated to promoting the best that documentary filmmaking has to offer worldwide. DocMiami presents an annual film festival to promote the art form. We focus on the 2014 Florida Documentary Film Festival, presented by DocMiami, which is set for Friday September 12 and Saturday Sept. 13 in Boca Raton.

My TV 33–09/08/2014

Mario Bencomo, Cuban-American artist (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: “The Miami Generation: Revisited”

In 1983, Miami’s former Cuban Museum of Arts and Culture presented the groundbreaking exhibition “The Miami Generation”. It brought together the work of nine emerging artists from Miami’s Cuban exile community. Now, more than 30 years later, NSU Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale picks up where the exhibition left off, with “the Miami Generation: Revisited”. The new exhibit features works created since 1983 by the original nine artists. We focus on the new works, with the help of one of the original artists and the exhibit’s curator.

My TV 33–09/08/2014

George Siller, Vice Chairman Tunnel to Towers Foundation (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: Tunnel to Towers Foundation & 5K Run

The 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks is here. So is the “Tunnel to Towers” walk and run in Fort Lauderdale, of which CBS4 is a proud sponsor. The Tunnel to Towers Foundation was started by the family of Stephen Siller, one of the firefighters who died responding to the 9/11 attacks. The money raised goes to help the families of first responders and military heroes who made sacrifices in the line of duty. We focus on all the amazing work done by the foundation, and how you can get involved in this worthwhile cause.

My TV 33–09/08/2014

Djenaba Gregory Faal, Delou Africa (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: African Diaspora Dance & Drum Festival

We look ahead to the 5th annual African Diaspora Dance and Drum Festival of Florida. Its mission is to preserve African-American heritage here — and does so in a way everyone can enjoy— through food, music and dance. This year’s theme is “bridging cultural gaps”. We focus on why the festival is significant, and what it has to offer. We are also joined in the studio by 4 performers — dancers and drummers who will be participating in next month’s event.


Dr. Joe Underwood   (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: Let’s Hear it For the Refs

The Greater Miami Athletic Conference Football Officers Association has been serving the student-athletes of public and private schools in South Florida for more than 75 years. They work over 400 high school football games per season in Miami-Dade county alone. They are a group of dedicated referees and officials, but their goals of community service take them way beyond the football field. We focus on their mission and how you can help them achieve their goals.

My TV 33–08/25/2014

Fedrick Ingram, Pres., UTD (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: One-on-One with UTD President Fedrick Ingram

South Florida students have returned to the classroom and obviously, so have their teachers. That means it’s back to business as usual for the United Teachers of Dade union. The UTD represents more than 35-thousand school employees who work to educate more than 370-thousand students in more than 400 schools. And this year the UTD is marking its 40th anniversary. We focus on the important role the UTD plays, not only for teachers, but for students and parents as well.

My TV 33–08/25/2014

Jeremy Mikolajczak, Freedom Tower Exec. Dir. & Chief Curator (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: The Cuban Exile Experience

When the building we now call Miami’s Freedom Tower was completed in 1925, it was the headquarters for “The Miami News” newspaper. But it is best known for its role in the 1960s, when refugees from Cuba fleeing Fidel Castro’s communist regime arrived here. The newcomers were processed and documented at the tower; it became known as the “Ellis Island of the South”. In 2005, the Freedom Tower was donated to Miami-Dade College. Today it is used as a museum, as well as a cultural and educational center. We focus on the new exhibit about to be unveiled at the Freedom Tower, called “The Cuban Exile Experience”.

My TV 33–08/18/2014

Sandra Camacho, The Children’s Trust  (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: The Children’s Trust

More than one in four of America’s schoolchildren are on their own after they get out of school. The right after school program can help keep kids safe, inspire learning and help working families. The Children’s Trust’s after-school program guides are now available. The mission of the children’s trust is to improve the lives of children and families in South Florida. And this is just another way they’re doing just that. We focus on what parents need to know that could make all the difference for them.

My TV 33–08/18/2014

Roberta Shevin, Exec. Dir., MCCJ (Source: CBS4)

Focus on South Florida: Teens & Diversity

What did your kids do during their summer vacation? Some South Florida high school students gave up a week of their break to learn how to break down barriers. They participated in a six-day residential program that brought together teens from across Miami-Dade county for an experience called “Metrotown”. “Metrotown” was made possible by the non-profit known as M-C-C-J. M-C-C-J was founded in Miami in 1935 as the Miami Coalition of Christians and Jews. We focus on how this potentially life-changing experience works, and why it is so important that it exists.

My TV 33–08/18/2014

(Source: My33)

Focus on South Florida: VowTo

“VowTo” is a Miami-based company whose mission is to help women live a more balanced life It claims to be the only program out there that offers a one-stop-shop complete wellness program by providing guidance, tools and support to nurture the mind, body, and heart. And “VowTo” tells its members it’s okay to be selfish to make it all happen. We focus on how this program works and what is they to its success.

My TV 33–08/12/2014


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