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Tropical storm on a path toward Southwest, which saw record flooding last week
Fast-moving blaze destroys scores of homes and strikes a blow at the economic vitals of struggling timber town of Weed, Calif.
Officials say their big break in IDing man who ambushed police barracks came from an SUV he abandoned in forest swamp
Adrian Peterson tossed by Vikings until his legal woes resolved; what Americans think of president's strategy on ISIS; mystery of Richard III's death solved
Ride-sharing service's CEO says push to bring on 50,000 vets "isn't a public relations move - it's about offering opportunities"
Agency denies whistleblower's claim to CBS News that inspector general bowed to pressure from within agency over Phoenix deaths
In latest civil disobedience over fatal shooting of black teen Michael Brown by white cop, demonstrators renew demand that prosecutor step aside
Team had reinstated star running back after deactivating him for one game in wake of child abuse allegation against him
Rochester man, 30, allegedly tried to aid 3 men to join and fight with ISIS
Nearly a dozen wildfires burning have been exacerbated by the state's third straight year of drought

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