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Chef Michael Cimarusti's commitment to fine cooking with sustainable fish has earned him the title "Seafood King of Los Angeles." But, he actually got his culinary sea legs on the east coast, including three years in the kitchen at New York's famed "Le Cirque." He's now executive chef and owner of the award-winning restaura
For many Americans, the label "Made In the USA" is a welcome sight. So, if you're looking for an unusual trip this spring, how about visiting some of the places where those labels go on? From coast-to-coast, you can go inside factories to watch fellow Americans make everything from boats and jellybeans to shoes and whiskey. CBS News travel edi
The Air Force is in the market for a few very special planes. The current planes are getting old, and the Pentagon wants to buy new ones. The Air Force gave CBS News extraordinary, behind-the-scenes access to learn how that may come about. Mark Albert joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday," to tell us more.
12 patients made medical history in California earlier this year with a six-way kidney swap. Now, they've met one another for the first time. Carter Evans reports on the emotional reunion.
Movies like "Insurgent," "Cinderella," and "50 Shades of Grey," are the top three live-action movie openings this year. Notably they all have female leads and most of the ticket-buyers were women. Meanwhile, male-centric movies have been bombing at the box office. Is Hollywood no longer strictly a man's world? The New York
Residents in central Washington state town of Des Moines have been evacuated from three homes because of a landslide. The homes in Des Moines are on top of a cliff, which collapsed down to a state park beach. The people living in the homes were told to grab their belongings and evacuate quickly. Vinita Nair reports.
Special search dogs are being brought in to go through the rubble of three New York City apartment buildings that collapsed. Police are still looking for at least two missing people, after the apparent gas explosion Thursday. Vladimir Duthiers reports.
RadioShack may try to sell off all of its customers' personal information to help pay off debt. Consumer and privacy advocates are outraged, and the possible sale might be just the tip of the iceberg. Jill Schlesinger joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to talk about why this may set a dangerous precedent in the Internet age.
The late George Carlin made his living slicing and dicing Washington politicians for delighted audiences, but now, he has a most unlikely place of honor. Vinita Nair tells us more.
Officer John Moynihan was wounded when a suspect in the vehicle opened fire on officers; he is currently in an induced coma. The Boston police officer was once honored by President Obama for being one of the first responders in 2013 gun battle with Boston marathon bombers. Vladimir Duthiers reports.