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1 Chicago Cubs Chicago Cubs 35-14
After suffering through six losses in eight games, the Cubs now have won five straight. We said it last week, but we will say it again: Chicago lost those six games by nine runs combined. When this team doesn’t win, it’s not because the other team is “better”, per se.
2 Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox 31-20
After blowing two different leads in the last two innings Saturday against the Blue Jays, the Red Sox recovered to win in 11 innings on Sunday. That’s impressive resilience, and in baseball, that should never be underestimated.
3 St. Louis Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals 27-25
▲ 1
With a 3-7 record in one-run games, including an 0-2 mark last week in such games, the Cardinals are hurting themselves right now. The road split in Washington demonstrates how good St. Louis is, but the team is lacking consistency right now.
4 Washington Nationals Washington Nationals 31-21
▼ 1
The Nats won only three games in a seven-game home stand last week against the Mets and the Cards. They were probably hoping for better, but Washington is just under .500 this year in the whopping 39 games it has played against teams at .500 or better.
5 Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners 29-21
After stealing a series against Oakland at home, the Mariners turned around and got swept at Safeco by the Twins. With an 18-7 road record, Seattle has an unusual trend to correct this season.
6 Pittsburgh Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates 29-21
▲ 11
With five straight wins to start the week, the Pirates were looking good before being sunk over the weekend in Texas. The big leap in the rankings comes from scoring 40 runs combined in those five wins, which improved the team’s overall run differential this season.
7 Cleveland Indians Cleveland Indians 26-23
▲ 2
They became the first team to beat Chris Sale this season on Tuesday, but otherwise, it was an unremarkable four-win week for the Tribe. Cleveland surrendered 10 runs combined in those four wins, while giving up 19 runs combined in three losses.
8 Los Angeles Dodgers Los Angeles Dodgers 27-25
▲ 3
The Dodgers’ last three losses have all been walk-off jobs on the road. L.A. won five games last week, and it might have been six save for the Mets and Curtis Granderson. But the computer that scheduled the team for seven straight road games in Chicago and New York wasn’t very kind.
9 San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants 32-21
▲ 6
The Giants are 9-0 against the San Diego Padres this season already, which explains just why San Francisco is 12 games over .500 despite being just 10-9 against winning teams this year. Who does this scheduling? Two of the Giants’ home wins over the Padres this week were of the walk-off variety, as well.
10 Baltimore Orioles Baltimore Orioles 28-21
▼ 4
The Os were swept in Houston before recovering to take two of three in Cleveland to end the week. Baltimore is just 11-12 on the road this year, making it the top team in our rankings this week with a losing record away from home.
11 Chicago White Sox Chicago White Sox 27-25
▼ 4
Losers of six straight currently, the White Sox have lost three one-run games since Wednesday alone. That qualifies as not just a bad week but an unlucky one, too! Chicago now has three road games against the Mets, so the losing just might continue.
12 Toronto Blue Jays Toronto Blue Jays 27-26
Four straight wins during the week got Toronto back above .500 before Sunday’s loss in Boston returned the club to even on the season. But again, what’s with the schedule that has the Blue Jays playing 12 straight games against the Red Sox and the Yankees?
13 Texas Rangers Texas Rangers 30-21
▼ 3
Might seem odd for the Rangers to win four of six games and move into first place yet drop in our rankings. But losing two games by a combined 10 runs isn’t pretty, especially when one of those losses is a shutout to the Los Angeles Angels.
14 New York Mets New York Mets 29-21
▲ 2
They split their week against the Nationals and the Dodgers, and the Mets shouldn’t be disappointed in that result. With three games at home next against the slumping White Sox before New York heads out on a 10-game road trip, the time is now for some more wins.
15 Tampa Bay Rays Tampa Bay Rays 22-27
▼ 7
The highest losing team in the rankings this week, the Rays have had some rough luck (4-8 in one-run games) already this year against a tough schedule (just 15 games so far against teams under .500 overall). What’s next? A 10-game road trip, of course.
16 Miami Marlins Miami Marlins 26-25
▲ 5
Losing twice to Atlanta to end the week wasn’t pretty, but the Marlins are over .500 this year against both good teams (15-14) and bad teams (11-10). That’s one reason they’re right in the middle of our rankings.
17 Colorado Rockies Colorado Rockies 23-27
▼ 3
The Rox lost two of seven last week against the Pirates, the Red Sox and the Giants. Their reward is a four-game set at home with Cincinnati next, followed by three games in San Diego. Colorado could win seven this week with that schedule.
18 Kansas City Royals Kansas City Royals 28-22
▲ 2
The defending champions lost Mike Moustakas for the year, which is a big blow. A five-win week softens the blow a little bit; however, it’s not easy to replace an All-Star third baseman like the Moose.
19 Arizona Diamondbacks Arizona Diamondbacks 23-30
▼ 6
Giving up 45 runs in just six games last week sent Arizona plummeting in our rankings. Never mind that the D’backs still managed to win two games in that stretch (over San Diego, naturally), because they have to go play the Cubs at Wrigley later this week.
20 New York Yankees New York Yankees 24-26
▼ 1
A six-game win streak got the Bronx Bombers back to .500, but they couldn’t sustain the momentum through the rest of the week. New York is just 6-12 against lefties this year, which means it would be nice if they could get A-Rod back and playing well.
21 Los Angeles Angels Los Angeles Angels 23-28
▼ 3
Losing four games out of six to division rivals never makes for a good week. The Angels are just 5-10 this season against teams under .500 overall, and you can’t expect to be a winning ball club when you are that bad against the lesser teams on your schedule.
22 Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers 24-26
The Tigers had a big chance last week to make a move, considering they had the Phillies and the Athletics on the schedule. However, losing twice in Oakland over the weekend soured the whole opportunity for Detroit.
23 Houston Astros Houston Astros 23-29
▲ 1
Even with a nice five-win week, the Astros are buried six games under .500 still. That’s why bad starts pretty much kill your season. But with Arizona and Oakland on the schedule this week, maybe Houston runs the table to get back into it. That’s the kind of week they need now, times three.
24 San Diego Padres San Diego Padres 20-32
▼ 1
Not only are the Padres 0-9 against the Giants, they’ve been outscored in those games, 42-21. In nine other games, the Padres have been outscored by the Dodgers, 45-26, yet somehow, San Diego has beaten L.A. four times. That’s the power of one-run games.
25 Milwaukee Brewers Milwaukee Brewers 23-28
▲ 2
Five wins against Atlanta and Cincinnati last week made the Brewers look good. Look for the Cardinals to put Milwaukee back in its place this week. The Brewers are just 8-18 against teams playing over. 500 ball this season.
26 Philadelphia Phillies Philadelphia Phillies 26-25
With one win last week, the Phils may be coming back to reality now, finally. They still sport a 14-4 record in one-run games, and that might not change. However, the losses are going to start piling up for Philadelphia soon.
27 Oakland Athletics Oakland Athletics 23-29
▼ 2
A 3-3 week for the A’s is a success these days, but if their bullpen hadn’t blown a three-run lead in the eighth against Seattle on Tuesday, maybe it becomes a five-win week. The key to maximizing success with a bad ball club is having a lights-out bullpen, right?
28 Atlanta Braves Atlanta Braves 15-35
No change in our bottom-three teams, despite the Braves’ two-win week. Strangely, Atlanta has played just six games against teams with losing records this year—and it has lost all six of those games. The Braves’ record should be better than this.
29 Minnesota Twins Minnesota Twins 15-35
Stop the press! The Twinkies just went into Seattle and took three straight against the then-American League West Division leaders. Minnesota also has a four-game winning streak, currently. With three games in Oakland next, maybe it’s time to break up the Twins.
30 Cincinnati Reds Cincinnati Reds 17-34
The Reds broke an 11-game losing streak on Saturday against the Brewers, but Cincy has been outscored by a whopping two runs per game this year—easily the worst mark in MLB. It’s surprising they’ve played 19 one-run games this year, considering.

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