Hurricane 2013: Surviving The Season

Hurricane 2013: Surviving The Storm Surge

While much of the discussion leading up to a hurricane’s landfall focuses on the wind speed and the size of the storm, one of the most devastating parts of the storm is the storm surge. Storm surge risk varies greatly along coastlines because each one is unique and poses its own dangers and here in South Florida it’s not different.

Understanding the risk storm surge poses to you and your home is crucial to being hurricane ready from Key West through the Broward Intracoastal. Remember, rising waters and waves are a real danger.

Remember, storm zone planning maps and flood zone maps are completely different. It is possible that you can be out of a flood zone and still be in a surge zone.

Hurricane 2013: Surviving The Flood

Besides the storm surge, heavy rains that accompany tropical systems often leave homeowners looking for help from any means possible. In the coming years, there are changes coming to flood insurance and it will impact all South Florida homeowners in the National Flood Insurance Program.

Needless to say, you might want to brace yourself for a storm of higher rates moving forward.

Hurricane 2013: The Forecast And Guarding Against Complacency

South Florid has been lucky in recent years to come away from most of the Atlantic hurricane seasons with little to no impact. But NOAA forecasters believe this could be quite an active year when it comes to tropical weather.

NOAA predicted an above-normal to possibly extremely active hurricane season in 2013. NOAA forecasters said the averages were well above the seasonal averages for a normal Atlantic hurricane season: an average of 12 named storms, 6 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes.

NOAA is forecasting 13-20 named storms of which seven to 11 will become hurricanes. NOAA said at least 3-6 of the hurricanes will be major hurricanes, meaning Category 3 or above.

While South Florida is uniquely prepared to deal with most of the elements a hurricane can throw at you, the lack of activity over the years could leave residents with a dangerous self-confidence that this year will be just the same as last year.

Hurricane 2013: Talking To The Experts And First Responders

Dr. Richard Knabb will be at the helm of the National Hurricane Center for the second consecutive year. Last year, superstorm Sandy welcomed Dr. Knabb into the job and became the second costliest hurricane disaster on record.

The growing combination of exploding coastline populations and bigger and more frequent storms are posing a huge challenge for the NHC and Dr. Knabb. CBS4 Chief Meteorologist David Bernard sat down with Dr. Knabb to talk about how the NHC is meeting the new challenges.

Plus, CBS4 meteorologist Craig Setzer looks at the people and the tools that will be used in the minutes, hours, and days after a hurricane hits South Florida.

Hurricane 2013: Things To Remember

With the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season underway, remember you can never be too prepared for a storm. From your home to your pets to your precious heirlooms, it’s better to get things ready now than wait until it’s too late and a storm is taking aim at the area.

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