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Best Anti-Football Spots In Miami

Find a great spot to escape the frenzy of football fans and enjoy a night out without the noise.


Bonkers Devotional (Source: www.bassmuseum.org/art/unnatural/)

Best Museum Exhibits To See This Fall In Miami

Enjoy the changing seasons with a visit to any of these great museum exhibits in the area.


Art N Soul (Source: chambersouth.com)

Best Fall Festivals In Miami

Miami doesn’t readily come to mind for those interested in experiencing the excitement and indulgence of a variety of artistic festivals. Like unexpected pearls hidden tightly inside innocuous oysters, some of the best festivals any city can offer are right under your noses. See where the action is this fall in Miami.


The Miami Science Museum has continuously expanded. (Credit: miamisci.org)

Best Museums In Miami

In a metropolitan city as large and diverse as Miami, an emphasis is definitely put on educating and providing culture to the masses – most especially through local museums.

CBS Miami–01/20/2012