Hurricane Preps

Latest Miami Hurricane Preps

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South Florida Guide To Hurricane Terms

When tropical weather starts to threaten, weather forecasts are filled with new terms and ideas that can be confusing especially to people new to South Florida and tropical weather. These terms should help de-mystify hurricane season, and help you to feel a bit more confident as we face the season of storms.

CBS Miami–04/30/2013


Be Hurricane Smart!

Test your hurricane preparedness by answering the questions below. Good Luck!



Hurricane Prep For Condo Residents

High-rise living can have its down side when a hurricane strikes. Here’s what you need to know.


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Protecting Your Home

You now have more choices than ever for protecting your home. ALL shutters, impact-resistant windows, doors, and garage doors that have Miami-Dade County approval after September 1994 are very strong. If they are legal, they are strong.


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Powering Up After A Storm

Anyone who has gone through a hurricane remembers the endless days without power and long lines for gasoline and food.