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More Doctors Incorporating Stress Management In Practices

A study has found 10 percent of adults do nothing to manage their stress, but doctors are now incorporating stress management into their practices to help their patients.


(Source: CBS4)

“Tapping” The Pain & Fear Away

It’s instantaneous. She can feel the tears bubbling up the second I ask her about her mother. Jennifer Alluard is about to break.


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Health Effects Of Napping & What It Says About Your Lifestyle

Many Americans struggle with feeling tired during the day so the question is to nap or not to nap.



Is The Juice Craze Worth The Hype?

When physical therapist Nicolas Bartolotta is looking for a jolt he skips the caffeine and drinks a vegetable juice instead.


File photo of a doctor wearing a stethoscope. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Flu Season Is Upon Us

Break out your antibacterial, flu season is here.