Ted Scouten

Fire: Mother Nature’s Spring Cleaning

Ok, so it’s not earth shattering news, just an interesting observation. I’m out at Big Cypress National Preserve off the Tamiami Trail. (btw, really cool place!) Nearly 29,000 acres of Everglades have burned by a […]


Here’s What You Missed In Court!

I’m covering the Janard Orange murder trial. He’s accused of robbing, shooting and killing 16 year old Greg Smith, a Boyd Anderson High School senior. Aside from what’s going on in the trial, there’s plenty […]


Dating Survey

Who knew that men are really the romantics, and women more pragmatic?  Have you heard about the new survey from Match.com?  It found that 54% of men believe in “Love at first sight” while only […]


Man Raped In Very Violent Attack

What an awful one this is. A man was raped by, who I would call, The Boogie Man, who was skulking around in the bushes. The victim’s name is Kevin Burns. He’s 23 years old. […]


Did You Thank A Vet Today?

Hey Everyone…. Did you thank a vet today?  I guess I’m awash in vet stories right now.  I just did a piece on the USS Jason Dunham.  That’s the newest guided missile destroyer in the […]


Criminals Can Be Pretty Dumb

Ya know how movies usually portray crooks as being really crafty — always one step ahead of police?  That is SOOOO not true in real life, for the most part.   I think if a criminal […]


Stand Up Against Bullying!! Save A Life

Does anyone remember what it feels like to be called names on the playground?  Or for people to point and laugh at you.  I think it happened to most of us growing up and it […]


Guns Under Bed — Should Parents Snoop?

Here are the facts: 17 year old Jose Torres is accused of shooting his 12-year-old friend Anthony Alejandre.  Alejandre was shot in the mouth and the bullet exited the neck severing the spinal cord.  Alejandre […]