Ted Scouten

March Of The Living: Walking With History

Since I returned from The March of the Living, I’ve been waking up at odd hours of the early morning, thinking about the things I saw and learned and searching for effective, sensitive ways to tell their stories. It’s a huge responsibility, one I could never have imagined I would face. Yet I’m so grateful fate chose me to be a part of it, giving me the chance to help others understand.


Did you know Casey Anthony Wore Tight Jeans?

Yes…this is going to be a RANT! As serious journalists (and there are many of us) we strive to always be professional, unbiased, truthful…the list goes on.  We are here to bring you the fact […]


The Power of Play

The “Power of Play.”  That’s an important part of healing for children who are stuck in the hospital.  Today, I met a 12 year old who is a very brave survivor of Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.  When […]


The Everglades is OUT OF WATER!

I’m not hyping it here, folks.  There’s no water out there.  If you didn’t know, the everglades is not every deep, in most places about 4 feet deep.  Right now, we’re in what’s known as […]


I’m An Airplane Nerd!!

I am in Nerd Overload today!! I got to watch the Lufthansa A380 land today in Miami.  It’s the world’s largest passenger plane.  It’s incredible to watch that huge aircraft move around.  It takes 3 […]


Bodies Exhumed! Strange day at work!

This is a first for me.  Today I stood graveside at a cemetary in West Palm Beach when bodies were exhumed.  The first one was a 4 week old little girl.  She was found dead […]


Burglars Steal Dog…That’s Cold!!!

So, it seems like burglars hit a new low.  Crooks smashed a sliding glass door at a home in West Park last Friday.  They ripped off electronics and jewelry…and the family dog!! Kaycee, the Budd […]


Mom Leaves Child Alone While She Works

We’re getting some really interesting feedback on this one at CBSMIAMI.COM.  Here’s the story…29 year old Jennifer Peterson of Hollywood is accused of leaving her 5 year old daughter home alone for 7 hours while […]


Freedom Of Speech or Threat?

Think back to Nov 10, 2010.  Broward schools were under a “code red” lockdown.  That’s the highest state of alert.  It happened after Ellisa Martinez sent an e-mail to conservative radio talk show host Joyce […]


Tri The Miracle Cat!

You know I love my animal stories!  Today I met Tri the Miracle Cat.  He got his name Tri, because he only has three legs.  He was dropped off at Palm Beach Animal Care and […]