Shannon Hori

Sweet! New Sweet Valley book!

I got very excited today when I opened a package from a public relations company.  Inside was a book …but not just any book.  It was one that takes me back quite a few years.  I […]


Toddler-Proofing your House

When your child turns 2, all of a sudden you look at your house with a new set of eyes.  Instead of a kitchen cabinet you see a hard, sharp corner.  Instead of a step-up […]


Starting on the left that's Cade, Makai, Colt, and Felix

Fun in the Sun on Mother’s Day

I realized this Sunday, Mother’s Day, how fast time is flying by.  The boys are already 29 months old (yes …I still say give their age in months.)  And this Mother’s Day we spent the […]



Shannon Hori’s Little Miracle

On Monday, singer Celine Dion introduced her twins to the audience of Oprah. And then on CBS4 News at 5, I told my own miracle story of my twins.


Tiger Moms

        The book “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” has been getting  a lot of attention recently.  If there was a television show called “Extreme Parenting” the author, Amy Chua, would be the host.  She […]


Remember — Look Before You Lock

As you likely are well aware, it was very hot today in South Florida. And sadly, today, a 2 1/2- year-old toddler was left in a van and died. The little girl was found shortly after […]


Remembering Willy

Usually I like to blog about funny moments with my boys …or try to expand upon stories that we had in our newscasts. But tonight, I keep thinking about this sweet little two year old […]


Wanna Boost Your Brain Power?

We had a story today in our 5 p.m. newscast that really made me chuckle. It was one of those stories where off-camera, I must admit, I rolled my eyes. This is part of my […]


Shower Them With Love

Hi there! Sorry for not blogging in a while. Things have been pretty busy. We had a fun weekend with the kids in Vero Beach – and I’ll tell you more about where we took […]


My Pictures Are Stuck On The Computer

One of the pictures that I’ve never printed Like most parents, I pull out my camera a lot. In the first few months of our boys lives we took probably a dozen pictures a day. […]



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