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Blog: Meteorologist Craig Setzer’s Eye On The Tropics

As I go on my 17th year now forecasting in the tropics, I’ve learned to look at each tropical, and potential tropical system as something that has many opportunities through its lifetime.


Surf’s Up

Posted by CraigSetzer   A large ocean storm with winds over 60 mph is sitting nearly stationary in the northwest Atlantic. Thursday afternoon ocean surface analysis. This ocean storm, which its large and strong wind field […]


Welcome To Fall

Posted by CraigSetzer Friday Morning Visible Satellite Image Friday Morning Surface Analysis of Pressure, Wind, and Moisture The strong cold front roared through South Florida on schedule Friday morning bring cooler and much drier air with […]


Tomas, What A Mess

Thursday evening NOAA Hurricane Hunters found a strengthening Tomas. The pressure is falling rapidly and the winds are starting to come up. While that is not good news, if it maintains a northward overall motion, […]


Tomas Bearing Down On Haiti

Wednesday Evening IR Satellite Image Of Tomas Hurricane warnings have been raised for Haiti with hurricane watches for the southeast Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos.  The chance of hurricane force winds is low, but […]


Tomas Turns Toward Haiti

Posted by CraigSetzer Wednesday Afternoon Hurricane Hunter Plot After nearly dissipating, Tomas has begun to come back to life.  Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters found a broad circulation about 300 miles south of Haiti and thunderstorms […]