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43 Years Later, CBS4’s Al Sunshine Remembers Woodstock

I was flipping channels last night and saw the old movie “Woodstock “ on TV. It documented the historic music festival that branded the Woodstock Generation of Peace, Love & happiness while the country was being torn apart by the Vietnam War.

CBS Miami–08/17/2012


Finding Back to School Bargains

It’s the 2nd biggest retail “push” of the year right behind the holiday shopping season. Back-to-School spending’s forecast to be about 20% better than last year with consumers expected to spend about 83-point 8 billion […]


Midwest Drought Worsens: Food Prices Forecast to Rise

As a small businessman with a family of 5, the last thing Doral’s Giovanni D’Angelo wants to hear about is higher food prices. The Home Inspector says “It’s rough, we’re a family of 5 and […]


Gas PumpDL

Rising Summer Gas Prices: Bad News for Consumers

The latest Retail Sales figures for June show shoppers pulled back spending after continuing weakness in the national job market6s and stagnant paychecks.


Al’s Third Quarter Financial Forecast: More Slow Growth towards the Fall

Despite a global economic slowdown and some recent ups and downs, Wall Street’s seen steady gains thru the first half of the year. As we enter the 3rd quarter, starting July 1st, there are still […]


Windstorm Crisis Worsens

Long-time Miami Beach resident Lidia Schwartzbaum says she’s  hearing about more and more of her neighbors having to move out of their homes and explains ” They are going to sell the house and they […]


“Facebook I-P-O” Good Bet or Not worth the Risk?

MIAMI (CBS4) – It’s generating tremendous buzz in the investment community. Some insiders say Facebooks’ initial offering may already be oversold and may require a lottery to decide who gets in and who waits when […]


Phony “Smishing Scams” Growing: New National Warning

It’s all part of today’s digital lifestyle..staying “connected” 24-7 on the ‘Net…with your latest digtal helper. But increasingly, cyber-thieves are turning to High-Tech Texts…to trick you with their latest cyber-scams.   Some of the most […]


Euro Politics Tank Wall Street Q-2 Gains

Voters in Greece and France rattled global markets…by in effect..throwing out the politicians who were trying to cut government spending…to slow their national deficites. Voters rejected tightening their budgets over the weekend – leaving Greece […]


Al Sunshine

College Grads’ Jobs Expected to Improve

Slightly better than last year, that’s how the job market’s being described for 1.7 million soon to be graduates in the class of 2012. The good news comes from a major labor market analyst, challenger, […]