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  • Wednesday, May 25th
  • Hochman, Crowder and Krantz

    Today on the show, they were joined by Alex Donno, Cornbread Maxwell and Kurt Helin to talk about Dolphin OTA'a, the NBA playoffs and Hassan Whiteside as a free agent. 
  • Kurt Helin

    He joined the show to talk about Hassan Whiteside being 2nd team all-defense, if Hassan is the most desired FA and which is more surprising, Cavs or Warriors. He also talks about Lebron and how he will bounce back in this series. 
  • The Blacklist

    Cornbread Maxwell does his usual segment of the blacklist with HCK. 
  • Cornbread Maxwell

    He joined the show to talk about why his nickname is Cornbread, if Cavs fans should be worried about the Raptors and is small-ball struggling against the Thunder. He also talks about Hassan Whiteside and if he’s the most desired free agent if Durant and Lebron aren’t free agents. Then we do the blacklist with Cornbread.
  • Crowder and Hoch Argument

    Hochman and Crowder argue about how to parent their children.
  • Alex Donno

    He joined the show to give us an update on Dolphins OTA’s, who spoke to the media today and if players are excited for the 2020 super bowl bid. 
  • Tim Elfrink

    Tim Elfrink from the Miami New Times joins Big O to talk about his article on the Marlins suing season ticket holders and vendors
  • Omar Kelly

    Omar Kelly from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel joins Big O to talk about the Dolphins' OTAs
  • Fins Fix

    The Fins Fix for May 25 - Jarvis Landry
  • Podcast: Joe Rose Show

    Guest today included Ira Winderman and guest co-host Omar Kelly joined Captain Curtis as they recapped the NBA playoffs, Warriors let down in the Western conference finals and discussed Super Bowl 54 coming to South Florida.
  • Ira Winderman

    The Miami Heat beat writer recapped the Warriors post season collapse against the Thunder, responds to chatter of LeBron coming back to Miami and status of Chris Bosh’s health.
  • Tuesday, May 24th
  • Alex Donno Show

    On tonight's show, we talked the Dolphins Super Bowl bid for 2020/teams OTA practice, Ira Winderman also joined the show to talk NBA Playoffs, and more. Give it a listen.  
  • Tom Garfinkle

    He joined the show to talk about them winning the 2020 Super Bowl bid, the congratulatory text he received from Don Shula and what’s next. He also give us a progress update on the stadium renovation.
  • Hochman, Crowder and Krantz

    Today on the show, they were joined by Andy Baskin, Ben Volin and Tom Garfinkle to talk about the Cavs loss last night, Tom Brady appealing his suspension and the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl bid for 2020.
  • Ben Volin

    He joined the show to talk about what is going with the NFL Owners meeting in Charlotte, the Dolphins winning the 2020 bid for the Super-Bowl and the Tom Brady appeal to the appellate court.
  • Andy Baskin

    He joined the show to talk about what the pulse is in Cleveland after they lost game 4 and Stephen A.’s comments. He also talks about Lue’s coaching and Kevin Love being benched last night. He also talks about RG3 in Cleveland and if Cavs lose, would that be an epic failure. 
  • Podcast: The Big O Show

    Big O reacts to the Raptors-Cavs series being tied, and we look ahead to the Warriors-Thunder series. Also, listen for interviews from Brady Poppinga talking about NFL offseason headlines, and Grant Long talking NBA Playoffs. 
  • Grant Long

    Former Miami Heat player and current Detriot Pistons TV analyst joined The Big O Show to talk about the NBA Playoffs. Listen as Grant Long talks about the Thunder-Warriors series and how the Thunder can upset the Warriors. 
  • Brady Poppinga

    Former NFL linebacker Brady Poppinga joined The Big O Show to talk about the NBA Playoffs, and headlines during the NFL offseason.  
  • The Joe Rose Show

    Today, Joe and Curtis talk about the Raptors and Cavs series, and how impressed they are with the Raptors at home. Plus, they talk about Ichiro getting 4 hits twice in 3 days and they talk mountain climbing with Gordon Janow of Alpine Ascents International 
  • Gordon Janow

    Gordon Janow, Director of Programs at Alpine Ascents International, joins Joe and Cap to explain what it takes to climb Mt. Everest
  • Monday, May 23rd
  • Alex Donno Show

    On tonight's show, Alex updates you on the latest news and notes surrounding South Florida Sports. Plus the verdict on whether Draymond Green would be suspended or not for tomorow's Game 4 WCF matchup. Give it a listen. 
  • Hochman, Crowder and Krantz

    Today on the show, Dave Hyde joined the show and we had the HCK10 of the best gameshows on TV.
  • Dave Hyde

    He joined the show to talk about his article on the no chance the Heat have of signing Kevin Durant. He also talks about who the Heat should make #1 priority and the other free agents. He also gives us his thoughts on Draymond Green’s kick on Steven Adams. 
  • Crowder Stories

    Channing Crowder tells us about his match drills in College and how he dislocated a running backs shoulder to "teach him a lesson". 
  • Podcast: Big O Show

    Today on the show Big O discusses the ECF series between the Cavs and Raptors. He gives us his views on Draymond Green's behavior. Big O gives you his "Fins Fix" in a segment discussing Jay Ajayi role in the Miami Dolphins offense. It's also cartoon week. We play cartoon theme songs that listeners voted for on Twitter. 
  • Ira Winderman

    Sun Sentinel Heat Beat Writer Ira Winderman joined the Big O Show to discuss the NBA playoffs. He gives us his views on the Cav-Raptors series and how he feels the NBA should handle Draymond Green's behavior. 
  • Fins Fix

    Big O does his daily Miami Dolphins "Fins Fix" and discusses his views on Running Back Jay Ajayi and how he sees him fighting in with the Dolphins offense. 
  • Mike Ganter

    Toronto Sun Raptors Beat Writer Mike Ganter joined the Big O Show to discuss the Cleveland Cavs-Toronto Raptors series.
  • Podcast: Joe Rose Show

    Guest today included Rick Barry as Joe and Captain Curtis recapped the Eastern-Western conference finals, discussed the Thunder upsetting Warriors so far in the series, and latest with Johnny Manziel, his cool factor in pop culture.
  • Rick Barry

    The NBA Hall of Famer discussed the Warriors-Thunder series, if Warriors continue to play like this they won’t be in the NBA Finals, and claims there is no best player ever, only best players at their positions.
  • Friday, May 20th
  • Alex Donno Show

    On tonight's show, we talked about the Miami Dolphins returning to the station, Durant to Miami a possibility, and more. Give it a listen. 
  • Fight Night

    On tonight's show, Alex Donno and Frank Z recap UFC 198 and more. Give it a listen. 
  • Hochman, Crowder and Krantz

    Today on the show, they were joined by Carl Pavano, Jason La Canfora, Andy Baskin and Brian Geltzeiler.
  • Brian Geltzeiler

    He joined the show to talk about the NBA playoffs, Dwane Casey earning a contract extension and what has Lebron done in Cleveland. He also talks about what should be the Heat’s #1 priority for the off-season.  
  • Andy Baskin

    He joined the show to talk about Cleveland looking unbeatable, Kyle Lowry taking a decompression break before half-time and how much fun this team has been having in the playoffs. 
  • Jason La Canfora

    He joined the show to talk about Peyton Manning (of course), if the Tom Brady suspension will be served this season and if the Dolphins will be in the mix for the AFC east playoffs. He also talks about the other AFC east teams and how the Dolphins drafted. 
  • Carl Pavano

    He joined the show to talk about his new sponsorship with the Marlins for facial hair, the Marlins’ policy on no facial hair and Jack McKeon's strange policy in the clubhouse. 
  • Podcast: Big O Show

    Today on the show Big O discusses the predicament the Miami Heat are in with free agency, the Miami Dolphins upcoming season and Floyd Mayweather challenging Connor McGregor in his final boxing match. Joining the show today was FanDuel Injury writer Will Carroll and CBS Sports National Columist Bill Reiter. 
  • Bill Reiter

    CBS Sports National Columnist Bill Reiter joined the Big O Show to discuss the NBA. He goes into detail about the Hassan Whiteside and the Miami Heat.
  • Will Carroll

    FanDuel Insider Injury Writer Will Carroll joined the Big O Show to update us on the injuries around sports. Today he goes into detail about Frank Vogel, Laremy Tunsil, Jonas Valentinus and Chris Bosh. 
  • Podcast: Joe Rose Show

    Guests today included Drew Rosenhaus, Carl Pavano and Carlos Gimenez as Joe and Captain Curtis discussed LeBron James-Cavaliers rolling past the Raptors, likely to sweep and reach the NBA Finals back to back seasons, discussion on best/worst jersey’s to every own of all the South Florida athletes.
  • Carlos Gimenez

    The Mayor of Miami-Dade County discussed the latest involving David Beckham, newest location site for the MLS stadium and says they’re ready to get started.
  • Carl Pavano

    The FOX Sports Marlins analyst discussed Giancarlo Stanton’s current slump and Marlins pitching performing well thus far this season.  
  • Drew Rosnehaus

    The NFL Super-Agent talked about his clients Josh Gordon, Gerg Hardy, guiding his younger clients with money issues and discussed veteran free agents right now will get signed after OTA’s.
  • Thursday, May 19th
  • The Alex Donno Show

    The Alex Donno Show for May 19, 2016
  • Ira Winderman

    Ira Winderman from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel joins the show to talk about the Heat's offseason plans
  • Hochman, Crowder and Krantz

    Today on the show, they were joined by Manny Navarro and Mike Tannenbaum to talk about the new radio partnership with the Dolphins. +
  • Crowder Story

    Channing Crowder told us a story on the first time he met Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. 
  • Mike Tannenbaum

    He joined the show to talk about the new partnership with WQAM, the Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and how the stadium upgrades are coming along. We then talk about Laremy Tunsil being drafted with the bong video circulating and his pre-arthritic ankle. He also discusses his o-line and Dion Jordan. 
  • Manny Navarro

    He joined the show to talk about what Pat Riley said about Hassan Whiteside, the blood clots with Chris Bosh and what they will give D-Wade in the offseason. He also talks about the other Heat free agents going into the off-season. 
  • Podcast: Big O Show

    The Big O Show discusses the news of WQAM being the new home of the Miami Dolphins. We also talked about the future of the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh. Also, llsten for interviews from Jason Cole, Bobby Marks, and Branden Albert. 
  • Bobby Marks

    Bobby Marks of The Vertical joined The Big O Show to talk about the salary cap situation for the Miami Heat this off-season. Listen as Marks discusses the possibility of Hassan Whiteside re-signing with the Miami Heat this off-season
  • Jason Cole

    Jason Cole of Bleacher Report joined The Big O Show to talk about the report of that Laremy Tunsil's ankle may not be 100% healthy. Listen as Cole warns Dolphins fans to calm down regarding Tunsil's health. 
  • Branden Albert

    Starting left tackle of the Miami Dolphins, Branden Albert joined The Big O Show to talk about the excitement around the 2016-2017 Miami Dolphins season. Listen as Albert talks about being a leader for the young Dolphins team. 
  • Mike Florio

    The creator of talked about Sam-Eagles, pissing off Eagles fan base with recent press conference, Robert Griffin III reliving dysfunction in Washington Redskins organization and Fitzpatrick not singing with a team yet.
  • Podcast: Joe Rose Show

    Guests today included Adam Gase, Alejandro Bedoya and Mike Florio as Joe and Captain Curtis discussed Pat Riley’s press conference comments on free agency, Hassan Whiteside, Chris Bosh’s health and the Miami Dolphins off-season continues as OTA’s vastly approaches.
  • Alejandro Bedoya

    The US Men’s International and Nantes soccer player discussed growing up in South Florida, playing in the French league and pressure of winning for the International team.
  • Adam Gase

    The Miami Dolphins head coach discussed how will he use Laremy Tunsil, staying in contact with Suh as he works out in Oregon and is there enough depth in the secondary (Cornerback).
  • Wednesday, May 18th
  • Alex Donno Show

    On tonight's show, we talked about Pat Riley's Season ending press conference, some Dolphins news, and we discover which country has banned Just Bieber.Give it a listen. 

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