By Lauren Pastrana

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users.

That’s about 27% of the entire population on Earth!

Chances are a good portion of our CBS4 viewers log on to the site at least occasionally.

So what type of user are you?

A new study by Brigham Young University professors breaks it down in to 4 categories. Today’s Lauren’s List will help you figure out which group you fall in.

  1. Relationship Builders: According to the study, relationship builders are those users who post often, respond to others’ posts and use additional Facebook features primarily in an attempt to strengthen relationships that exist beyond their virtual world. They use it as an extension of their real life, and as a way of staying in touch with family and real-life friends.
  1. Town Criers: On the flip side, town criers have a much larger gap between their real and virtual worlds, so the study says. These are the posters who don’t share much about themselves, but instead want to push out information, including news stories and event announcements.
  1. Selfies: This type of user utilizes the site to “self-promote.” The study finds they post pictures, videos and text updates — but unlike relationship builders, they’re focused on getting attention, likes and comments. Study participants in this category identified highly with the statement “The more ‘like’ notifications I receive, the more I feel approved by my peers.”
  1. Window Shoppers: This is the social media equivalent of a “people watcher.” Research suggests these people don’t post about themselves often, but they don’t really post any type of information at all. They mostly use Facebook to see what other people are up to.

What type of Facebook user are you?

Tell me on Facebook or Twitter.

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