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Is your child struggling? Have you tried numerous programs or have had tutoring help, but your child continues to have a lack of focus or impulsivity issues along with behavioral complaints from their school? Do they exhibit low academic success in one or more subjects?  Are you exhausted or feel guilty that you are doing something wrong when it comes to helping your child?

Whether it is in academics, behavior, low-self-esteem or social/communication struggles, your child may be lagging behind their peers in development and maturity. Current society puts a lot of pressure on parents and on their children to succeed, and today many parents can suffer from “overwhelm syndrome.”

This scenario is not likely to change in the near future if you don’t take correct action now.

As part of ongoing brain research we know that a child must form brain connections (neuropathways) that function as “highways of communication” within the brain from the ages of birth to adult. The more your child can form in the proper timeline steps, the better your child’s abilities and maturity level will be, thus allowing them to better perform and cope. In ADHD this lack can take many forms:

The Many Faces of ADHD:  Type 1 ADHD includes inattention without hyperactivity and Type 2 ADHD label shows up as hyperactivity behavior, but these diagnosis’ may also include disorganization, lack of follow through, paying attention, slow to process information, impulsive actions or speech, and/or restlessness.

Research is showing that many of these symptoms DO NOT IMPROVE WITH TIME. Instead they become hidden reasons for areas of struggle AS A CHILD BECOMES AN ADULT.

Physical impulsivity or constant movement can turn into verbal impulsivity as an adult (saying the wrong things or speaking out of turn; interrupting others excessively), or inattention may turn into inability to stay focused at a job, impatience with others, or difficulty concentrating at work; problems with finishing tasks.

Clinical trials demonstrate the efficacy of the Brain Balance Program in boosting academic performance and reducing the symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention in children with ADHD. The studies included 122 children ages 6-13 that were diagnosed with ADHD. Upon the completion of a 12-week program, 81% of the children no longer demonstrated ADHD related behaviors. Academic performance improved by more than 2 grade levels in reading and math reasoning in 84% and 81% of the children tested respectively.

Brain Balance of Miami is a part of a comprehensive, drug-free, and proven approach that targets all of these difficulties because our procedures go to the root cause of these difficulties. Whether your child has been formally diagnosed, or whether they show some of these signs, it is important to not just work with a child’s strengths or provide strategies to compensate for a weakness, but to address the fundamental problem. We use specific body and brain exercises along with nutrition/digestive support to overcome the foundational causes of these early symptoms. The Brain Balance ™ individual approach has a 15+ year track record of helping children from 4-17 years old overcome their behavioral, academic and/or social challenges.  We do not necessarily replace, but are the bridge between psychological testing, therapy intervention, or regular tutoring for students, especially those who have reached a plateau in their developmental challenges like the ones mentioned above.

Functional disconnect and hemispherity are the terms we use at Brain Balance to refer to the lack of proper firing between the two sides of the brain, the right and left lobes. There is no obvious damage pattern (lesion) of the brain that can be detected on an MRI, but the individual has definite “functional” difficulties   in their ability to perform on task or exhibit proper behavior. Children with these issues may be very smart, however they do not perform at their grade level and seem to have an unevenness of skills in some subjects versus others showing areas of imbalance due to problems stemming from one side of the brain developing/maturing faster than the other or one side lagging in development, and contributing to these problems.

Ideally all aspects should be in balance.

Since the right hemisphere of the brain regulates impulsivity, attention, and socially appropriate behavior, a child with decreased right brain activity may be hyperactive, oppositional, disruptive, and even aggressive.

sdsd DISCONNECTED KIDS   Help For Parents Dealing with ADHD/ADD or Learning Disabilities

We target all of these issues in order to functionally develop the weak side of the brain up to the same maturity and grade level as the higher skill side.

Children may also demonstrate a multitude of other difficulties because of frustration or low tolerance and ability to transition. For example; rigid or inflexible attitude, child does not bring homework home, forgets things easily/difficulty of retention, taking much longer to finish homework than other children, shows inattention/distractibility, can’t focus or recall or has difficult with comprehension or verbal skills. Autistic children typically show low verbal skills and comprehension issues.  Most young children still have not yet developed enough awareness of their peers and body to substantially affect their self-esteem, but as they get older, this really becomes a problem as they start to compare themselves to their peers and since have been experiencing more unsuccessful attempts at performing at the level of their age group, they can become more withdrawn. Third grade and sixth grade years are particularly difficult times as school work demands become more stressful, affecting self-esteem and motivation.

If learning problems or organizational skills continue to affect your child from one grade to the next, make a change now. Material rewards for children in the form of more technology is not the answer. Has your child been able to reach their potential? Through our brain balancing program, you will be able to see lasting and comprehensive improvement in your child’s abilities by overcoming some of the barriers to success.  Using a highly effective, multifaceted approach of multiple brain stimulation activities involving visual, tactile, and auditory skills, brain specific teaching, methods, and nutritional support to address your child’s specific challenges and increase processing in ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and other challenges, kids can feel the improvement within their own bodies and minds, and become happier and more focused. We are a specialized achievement center using a whole child approach that addresses the underlying issues in the many behavioral, developmental and learning disorders that plague so many children and their families today.

Autism /PDD is particularly difficult to deal with as it involves so many issues and the symptoms may also include hyperactivity in addition to the typical behaviors. Although autism is commonly referred to as a communication/social ability problem, most autistic children display an array of co-morbid patterns. Obviously if you have communication issues, eye contact may be low at best, there may be echolalia, or stimming issues involving rocking, arms flapping, altered voice inflection – monotone or robotic tone, in addition to exhibition of behavioral repetitive behaviors or patterns.

Some people say that parents of children with developmental and learning disorders can only expect so much from their child. WE DISAGREE!

Comments from teachers and parents have been: “amazing!”, “grades are off the chart”, “now loves to read!”, “qualified for the sports team!”, “happier than ever “, “peace at last at home” “improved reading comprehension and math problem solving”.

Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their fullest social and academic potential. Call today at (305) 665-9444 or email brainbalancemiami@att.net to get started.  Brain Balance Miami is located at 6836 SW 40th Street (Bird Road), Suite B (Ludlam Plaza).   You can also go on our website and fill out a brief questionnaire to find out if your child is a good candidate for our program www.brainbalancecenters.com.

Above content provided by Brain Balance Center of Miami.


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