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LONDON (CBSMiami) — If you’re short on time, short on talent or just like to keep up with new technology, you might consider a new addition to your kitchen. A robotic chef is preparing tasty dishes in England and could be on the market next year.

“It looks like it’s from the fiction, science or from future films,” explained Mark Olynek, CEO of Moley Robotics.

A love of good food but lack of cooking skills inspired Olynek to create the Moley Robotic Kitchen.

“You can choose this brilliant recipe, and the robot can do it without mistake.”

The only ‘human’ involvement is the prep which consists of measuring and preparing the ingredients.

The robot adds them, mixes them and even controls the temperature.

It mimics movements of the original chef and has a library of more than 100 recipes.

With the touch of a button, you can download a recipe and the robot reproduces it exactly as a Masterchef would have cooked it.

“We’re trying to integrate all the kitchen appliances into a universal machine,” explained Head of Engineering David Walsh.

Walsh says the company is taking this kitchen model and making a smaller one to fit in people’s homes. It could be on the market as soon as 2018 but the first roll-out could cost as much as 100-thousand dollars.

“In a couple of years, maybe five years, it could be a very attractive price level for more or less every home,” said Olynek.

Until then, the rest of us will have to keep cooking, and serving ourselves.

Once installed the robotic kitchen doesn’t have to be used. All of the appliances work manually. If you still want too, that is.

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