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We are now into the offseason – and while some prospects are playing other sports at their respective high schools, there are those who simply have committed themselves to football 365 days a year.

As travel 7-on-7 programs make their away across the state – and in some cases, the country – the quest to grab that recognition and spotlight is so very important.

This is the time of year when parents and coaches begin to question what is good during the offseason and what is, frankly, a waste of time and money.

As you already know this is an area where people come to make money on our superior talent. While many will defend these people who do nothing more than cash your check, there are people in South Florida that are tired of the false promises.

Talk to any high coach in South Florida and they will all tell you that these combines that roll into this area are not worth attending.

First of all, they do nothing more than what everyone else is trying to do by selling you promises how they are helping in this process – and in the end, they are not.

When there are local events held by the local coaches in this area, they not only host the event, but serve as promoters and make sure that they pass the information on to colleges across the country.

Now, you cannot tell me that anyone who comes in here even comes close to doing that – and that is a big difference.

If I were a parent of a local football prospect, there would be no hesitation. I would never send my child to an event that all they do is promise college exposure and never live up to it.

There are far too many coaches in South Florida who actually care about placing local athletes and work hard doing it – year round.

What many of the local coaches do for the prospects and rising prospects is make sure that they push videos and call non-stop to ensure these young men have exposure. They also take them to colleges across the country on visits to help them out.

If you are looking to get your child exposure, make sure you do research on the event that you are spending your hard-earned money on. See how many “non-star” athletes that attend these combines that are really helped – because we have over 200-plus qualified football prospects in the state of Florida who are still waiting for a scholarship from the Class of 2017.

As we now turn our attention to the future, we continue to promote our talented football prospects for all to see. Here are six more football players to keep an eye on. We bring you over 300 athletes each year – just in our On The Radar segment.

2018 – Cameron Brooks, QB, 6-1, 190, Coral Springs Coral Glades: Here is a talented prospect who is starting come into his own. Brooks has plenty of athletic ability. We have watched him the past two seasons, and will tell you that he is in the perfect situation to better showcase his many talents. This is someone who can make a solid leap during the offseason and into the season. He’s a good passer as well as an athlete who can help pick up yards with his legs.

2018 – Jordan Dillard, WR/P, 6-3, 180, Miami Southridge: Dillard is a big-time football talent who has been one of those difference makers for the past two years. A member of the 2016 Class 8A state champions, look for him to play a major role for the Spartans this coming season. It all begins in the offseason, where you can expect to see him take part in several events. An important year ahead for this freestyle talent who has been on the map for over a year now. He is a quality football player.

2018 – Devin Golden, OL, 6-3, 265, Miami Gulliver Prep: Talk about your emerging stars. In an area where offensive linemen are starting to get noticed on a national level, here is a talented prospect who has the chance to be very special over the next year. Golden’s size, footwork, and passion for the game have truly made this a talented young man to keep an eye on. His coaches believe that with a solid six months, he will be among the best when the 2017 season begins in August. Yet another impressive talent to keep an eye on.

2018 – Lamont Harrison, OL, 6-2, 275, Miramar Everglades: Having watched this talented football prospect for the past year and seeing him perform a few times live, here is another big man who competes at a high level and has a passion for the game. Harrison heads toward his final season with plenty to showcase to colleges as he will attend a number of events that will put him in a spotlight where colleges will have the chance to watch him compete. There are dozens of top-flight prospects that are missed here in South Florida. So far, he has been one of them.

2019 – Jonathan Higgins, CB/WR, 5-10, 175, Fort Lauderdale University School: There are a number of very impressive football prospects that all they have been lacking is the exposure. This gifted young man can play on both sides of the ball – and with two years left to receive instruction from a solid coaching staff, you can guarantee that Higgins is someone who will watch his stock continue to rise. He will really make an impact during the offseason and into the spring, where college coaches will have the opportunity to watch him. Do not sleep on this young man.

2018 – Kevon O’Connor, WR, 5-10, 165, Miami Norland: Yet another prospect on this team that always has a number of talented performers – O’Connor will be counted on heavily this coming season as the Vikings have added a few football players to help in the process in the nation’s toughest and most competitive district. Watching him during the season and into the offseason, O’Connor is an athlete who has turned heads and has his own coaches talking about what he can be like in 2017. This is the kind of under-the-radar athlete who makes a difference. Just watch him play and you will agree.

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