Report: Dwyane Wade Would ‘Welcome’ $60 Million Contract


Dwyane Wade apparently desires some serious paper.

The Miami Heat stalwart of the last 12 seasons isn’t making any contract demands through the media, but an associate of his has made it known he’d apparently “welcome” a contract averaging $20 million annually over the next three seasons, according to the Miami Herald.

A Wade associate has told people that Wade would welcome a contract averaging $20 million annually over the next three years. (Note we said welcome, not demand.) If that’s true, it would be understandable, considering the year 13-15 pay ranges for Duncan and Nowitzki. Wade’s agent, Henry Thomas, politely declined to confirm that or anything regarding Wade’s specific financial expectations.

We’ve heard the Heat would prefer Wade opt in for $16 million next season, then take a very significant pay cut over the following two years. 

The Heat’s initial offer has been speculated at under $10 million per season but it’s also early in the negotiating process with free agency not hitting for another month. Remember it’s a game of perceived leverage between Wade’s agent and the Heat. Wade may not actually expect an offer of $20 million annually, but what if this paved the way to meet halfway at $15 million?

One idea several have brought up already is paying Wade the maximum of $23.5 million next season and then agreeing to a more reasonable two-year deal thereafter when Miami needs more cap room, but this would require Micky Arison paying a large tax bill for soaring above the salary cap’s soft ceiling.

It’s also important to note the cap is expected to increase by over $20 million after next season with the new TV deal (and more the year after), lessening the burden of any pre existing contracts. But Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside are looking to get paid as well, likely this summer and the following, respectively.

Pat Riley will push for as much salary-cap flexibility for the summer of 2016 as possible when the likes of Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis could become available.

If Dwyane Wade really ends up requiring $60 million total over the next three years to stay in Miami, should the Heat abide or give the 33-year-old a take-it-or-leave-it offer?

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