Smartphone Apps Are Helping Users Avoid Mosquitoes

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Next time you’re having issues with mosquitoes the problem can be solved as easily as pulling out your smartphone.

A new Mosquito Repellent app has been released for Android users that will help keep the unwanted insects away.

The free app runs in the background of your smartphone and emits a very high frequency sound that mosquitoes hate but is generally unnoticeable to humans.

When utilizing the app, users get full control over the strength of the frequency.  The app claims that it will not drain any of your battery life.

For iPhone users, there is a free Anti-Mosquito Sonic Repeller app that works in the exact same way as the Android app but doesn’t guarantee 100-percent success.

Additionally, Android users can also track the bugs in their area by logging onto the free M Tracker app.  This gives users the ability to report what the mosquitoes are like in their particular area and see maps for areas where other users say the bugs are at their worst.


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    […] The Mosquito Repellent app is not supposed to drain away any of your smartphone’s battery, notes CBS Miami. […]

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