MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Miami Police were investigating a case of suspected road rage Friday afternoon. The suspect is an elderly man who is 83-years-old.

According to witnesses, a man in a white sedan, later identified as Miguel Garcia by police,  had just finished checking his tire pressure at a service station on the corner at NW 12 Avenue and NW 7 Street. As he tried to pull back into traffic, a bus let the car through, but a man in a red Volkswagen tried to cut him off.  That man was identified as Mario Perez-Tano, 83.

It’s unclear if words were exchanged between the two men, but Henry Laurido said Perez-Tano fired two shots at the man in the white car, then they both sped off.

They didn’t make it very far though, because the bridge over the Miami River was up.

“What’s going through my mind is that I’m about to witness a murder,” Laurido told CBS4’s Lauren Pastrana. “I have kids. I told them to duck because you never know.”

Laurido said he called 911.

Watch the 11 p.m. report, click here.

His 13-year-old daughter, Ashlyn also saw the commotion.

“I was a super scary sight. First I thought it it was fireworks, but I looked up and saw a guy pointing a gun. My dad told me and my sister to get down and we both dropped to the floor. It was super scary,” Ashlynn said.

The bridge was closed for a time but has since reopened.

Both drivers remained on scene.

Police said no one was struck by bullets, but Garcia was treated for minor injuries.

Perez-Tano has been charged with one count of attempted murder.

Watch Lauren Pastrana’s 5 p.m. report, click here.




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