CORAL SPRINGS (CBSMiami) – You’re probably familiar with the the saying “Finders, Keepers.”

One woman believes surveillance video shows a fellow fast food customer taking that phrase a bit too seriously.

Three weeks ago, Annette Friedman had just finished having lunch at the Wendy’s at 1475 N. University Drive in Coral Springs when she walked out and did a double take.

She heard something fall, but when she looked around, she didn’t see anything on the ground.

Turns out, her Samsung Galaxy S4 cellphone fell from it’s perch tucked between some newspapers she was carrying.

Restaurant surveillance video shows the action unfold.

“The phone dropped, right next to me by a pole and I didn’t see it because the phone was dark and the pole was dark,” Friedman said. “It was leaning right there.”

She didn’t see it, but after watching the video, she believes someone else did.

The clip, released by Coral Springs Police, showed a man in a button down shirt and jeans walk outside, pick something up in the same spot where Friedman dropped her phone, and return to the restaurant a few minutes later.

Friedman wasn’t far behind.

She went back to the fast food joint when she realized her phone was missing.

She asked the cashier if she’d seen it. She even searched the trash and alerted other customers.

All the while, the man on the video stood right next to her at the register, never saying a word.

“He heard the whole conversation, saw me frantic,” Friedman explained. “He ordered his food. Sat down ate his food, and that was it.”

Police said they’re not 100% sure if the man actually picked up a phone, but they’d still like to speak to him.

They released the video in hopes someone recognizes the guy.

The case has been classified as grand theft.

Annette Friedman doesn’t think she’ll ever get her phone back, but she says if it’s returned, her faith in humanity will be restored.

“It was just disappointing that he didn’t have the goodness of his heart to return in,” she said.

She has since bought a new phone. Her old phone wasn’t password protected and she worries the person who took it now knows more about her life than she ever wanted.

The owner of the Wendy’s said the store is cooperating with authorities and they’ll be watching to see if that man is a return customer.

Anyone who recognizes the guy in the video, should call Coral Springs Police at (954) 344-1800.

Watch Lauren Pastrana’s report, click here



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