Parents & Students Say No To Horseplay After Student Body-Slammed

MIRAMAR (CBSMiami) — Parents and students say they are changing the way they think about horseplay after a student is now recovering from spinal surgery after he says he was body-slammed at school.

The incident happened late last month, but the word is spreading.

“I just feel someone come behind me grab me by the waist and it happened so fast. He just slammed me to the floor,” Taishawn Yee said.

The impact was so hard it fractured three vertebrae in his neck. The 8th grader was rushed to the hospital, where he was rushed to the hospital. Yee eventually had spinal surgery.

“That’s simply ludicrous to me. That’s crazy,” said Erica Morris, whose daughter attends the school.

Students were shocked the horseplay went that far and were saddened by how it turned out for Taishawn. Parents like Morris say school safety concerns them.

“It does because my daughter attends the school and I could have got the call that it happened to my daughter and I would’ve been devastated,” Morris said.

“I hope there will be some changes made and the principal gets serious about it because what happened to that kid, I feel really bad about it, and I think they should get more serious,” agreed Vernique Journey, a parent of one of the students.

When asked if kids are taking the incident seriously, students overwhelmingly answered yes.

“Now, I’m definitely going to set a line… by letting kids know when they try to horseplay with me. I’ll be like not anymore,” one student said. He went on to say “I don’t want that to happen to me because I know my mom would be aggravated and upset”

The school district says the horseplay incident is under investigation and the student responsible has already been suspended and could face expulsion.



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