MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Do you always feel tired and your energy levels are low? Or maybe you drank a bit too much last night?

There’s a way to feel fit that’s gaining popularity. It’s intravenous therapy or IV therapy where you replenish your body with vitamins straight to your veins.

“This is one of the best kept secrets IV therapy in medicine,” said Vita Squad’s Dr. Jesse Sandhu to CBS4’s Vanessa Borge.

IV therapy is popular among party goers after a late night out.

“I think it’s starting to come out that it’s not just something for hangovers, there is a longevity and wellness component benefit to it and I want to emphasize that,” explained Dr. Sandhu.

Dr. Sandhu is using IV therapy as a way to replenish his patient’s bodies.

“What we think we are getting when we eat all these super foods and things like that, we are probably only getting a percentage of that. And so with IV’s we bypass that and everything we are getting in the bag comes right into your body.”

VitaSquad is a mobile nutritional therapy service; it’s taking the wellness tool out of the doctor’s offices and takes it straight to your door.

The Vita hydrate is their most popular medical cocktail. It’s a solution of vitamins and minerals.

“I can hydrate myself orally, I can take a bunch of vitamins, but how much of that am I really going to absorb?” said Dr. Sandhu.

That’s how Vita Squad can help. Patients receive a direct line to all the nutrients you’re body needs after a workout, a red eye flight, a stressful day, or a vacation.

They have a menu of IVs that can keep you fit and healthy.

“You can recover from stress, recover from jet lag, we’ve got immunity IVs which are very popular. And we also have IV’s that help with keratin, and nails, and hair and things like that.”

The IV bags are filled with water soluble vitamins and other ingredients that can be customized.

For example, the liquid beauty has biotin in it, a vitamin that helps with hair and nail growth.

Professional athletes use the therapy too.

“After taking an IV their recovery time is literally one third of what it normally is. They are able to get in the gym after a heavy work out almost the next day,” Dr. Sandhu said.

So if you can stomach the needle, the outcome may be just what you need after a long day or a late night.



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