MIAMI(CBSMiami) — Holding her playful daughter in her arms, Wendy Matos is reminded how easily she could have lost her baby.

Mato’s daughter, Helena Brochey was just 20 months when she was found face down in the pool of a relative’s home back in March.

“You’re just used to everything being safe and it just takes one moments distraction,” said Matos.

In a released 911 call, you can hear Matos saying, “My daughter’s in the pool,” then you hear screams.

In another 911 call, from Brochey’s cousin you hear, “My cousin she fell in the water. I don’t think she’s breathing. She drowned. My aunt, she’s doing CPR.”

“It was almost like a trance, you don’t really believe what you’re seeing. We had taken several precautions to keep her from falling in the pool and again it just happened,” said Matos.

Mom and a relative gave the toddler CPR until first responders arrived minutes later.

“I know she’s incredibly lucky to be here and we are so grateful to everyone that responded and made sure that my daughter is still with us today,” said Matos.

“It’s heart wrenching… a mom running up to you with their lifeless child and hands them off expecting you’re going to make everything better,” said Officer Patrick Murphy of Miramar Police. “I’ve had five other instances where we had children drown.”

Wendy said when her baby was in the hospital, she promised herself that if Brochey survived, she would do whatever she could to help parents prevent even one tragedy from happening.

“You don’t believe it can happen to you either because you’re a good parent or you’re taking all the measures you possibly can but it can happen,” said Matos. “You have to be very aware of your children and all bodies of water near them because they’re curious. They’re going to go for the one thing they shouldn’t go after.”

“I remember when I was in the operating room that first day when she was out cold. Her eyes were open but not looking at anything. I don’t want anybody to ever have to see that,” said Chris Brochey, Helena’s father. “It’s so, so easy to have that not happen to you. You just have to take a few precautions.”

Brochey’s parents and Miramar Police said it’s not just about keeping a close eye on your kids, it’s also important to give them swim lessons as early as possible. Parents should also learn CPR because that could mean the difference between life and death.


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