MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Big changes may be coming to a bank near you.

Upgrades being made to ATMs across the country will allows users to do everything from apply for a loan to plan for their retirement.

When Bill Dietzler goes to his local ATM, he can do a whole lot more than just make a deposit or withdrawal.

“I found it to be fascinating. You get more done and it’s just, it’s simpler,” Dietzler said.

Dietzler said he has a question he no longer has go inside the bank and speak with a teller. Instead, at his ATM, he can video-conference with a banking expert who can address all sorts of questions about transactions, even after-hours.

“Now that expert, whether that be a loan consultant or a financial planning consultant, that person can be available across a wide, disperse geography,” explained Frank Natoli, chief innovation officer at Diebold, Inc.

The feature is just one innovation coming to an ATM near you, DuBois said.

“When you think of an ATM, maybe you think of something from like the 90′s. That sort of experience is something people don’t want anymore, because it seems stale,” said Mary Wisniewski, of American Banker.

Now, banks are branching out and offering a wide variety of tech tools, including ATMs with touch screens that can sync up with your smartphone, and apps that can get you cash in a snap.

“(The idea is) to be able to take your mobile phone and pre-stage a transaction on mobile, then be able to go up to the ATM and very, very quickly finish that transaction,” Natoli explained.

Banks are also installing tools at ATMs that will enable customers to perform a variety of money transfers.

“You can start to use it for bill pay. You can start to use it for peer-to-peer transfers, and any number of things,” Natoli said.

You can also forget the traditional $20 and $50 bills only in the machines. Banks are starting to load ATMs with $1, $5 and $10 bills, another change that might help you avoid standing in line for a teller.

So does all of this new technology mean the end to the traditional teller?

Experts said tellers are not going anywhere anytime soon. There are some transactions you still need to complete face-to-face inside a bank.


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