LIBERTY CITY (CBSMiami) – Three girls were shot in a drive-by shooting in Liberty City Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The victims, ages 10, 15 and 18, were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

“I just heard gunshots and ran,” witness Nowell Hayes told CBS4’s Lauren Pastrana from the scene at NW 13 Court and 66 Street.

Desharia Wright, 10, was among the victims caught in the crossfire.

“She was coming form the candy lady house with a frozen cup and they heard something like firecrackers,” Wright’s grandmother Cynthia Brown told Pastrana. “Then all of the sudden she said she couldn’t move her arm her brother picked her up.”

Her brother, Tieren Brown, described the scene as chaos.

His friend, Michael King, witnessed it all.

“It was terrifying,” King said. “That’s the first I’ve ever seen anybody get shot.”

Wright’s family said the 4th grader required surgery to treat the bone in her upper right arm which was shattered by a bullet.

Jacquelyn Powell, 18, was also shot.

Her mother, Sophia Taylor, was at the hospital as her daughter was treated for some superficial wounds.

“I almost had a panic attack. I was hurt because that’s my baby,” Taylor said. “So when they told me my daughter got shot, I automatically came over here.”

Taylor had a message for the drive-by shooter who police have yet to track down.

“Too many kids out here getting killed. They need to start putting love inside their heart and stop killing each other. Let go of the games and get with God,” Taylor said.

It’s a sentiment echoed by Cynthia Brown.

“They need to stop it. These kids want to grow up to be adults. They can’t play in their own neighborhoods because ignorant people out here doing these things,” Brown said.

Police did not know whether there were multiple shooters, but believe there was more than one person in the car at the time.

They did not know the make or model of that vehicle Tuesday afternoon, but hoped a witness could help them fill in the blanks.

Neighbors are skeptical anyone will say a word about what sparked the violence or who is responsible.

“This is the Pork & Beans. You’ll never know,” one woman said.

“We should just stop the violence and come together as people. We all gotta live here,” Nowell Hayes said. “It’s just sad that this happens all the time.”

Anyone with information about what happened should call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS.


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