Cuban Baseball Game Turns To Chaos

HAVANA (CBSMiami) – Baseball games have often turned violent when a player is hit by an opposing pitcher. But few games ever feature a player with a bat swinging for the skull of that pitcher.

A game in Cuba Monday night featured exactly that.

According to Baseball America, a player was hit by a fastball and the batter’s momentum carried him away from the play. But, while he was backing away, another player came towards the pitchers mound with a bat.

In the video, the pitcher doesn’t back down and throws his glove at the player with the bat. At that point the bat is swung right at the pitchers skull, who luckily ducked out of the way.

After that, the benches cleared and relievers poured in from the outfield. Baseball America reported the game was delayed at least 20 minutes by the brawl.

Video Source: Baseball America


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