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HOMESTEAD (CBSMiami) — It sounded like an earthquake that’s all Alteria Anderson, 16, said she heard when a 26-foot U-Haul truck came crashing into their Homestead home early Wednesday morning.

“We heard a big commotion like a bang like something exploded”  said homeowner Michelle Edwards. It wasn’t an explosion but it sure looked like one.  The truck was partially lodged in their dining room and pieces of concrete were scattered everywhere. The family of seven was sleeping at around 4:20 a.m. when the jumbo hauler rammed its way into their home at 30100 SW 149 avenue.

“It was scary. I thought it was going to catch fire.My dad was saying get out, so I was like hurry up and get out of the house”  said Anderson.

They all managed to get out but it wasn’t easy there were 2 adults and 5 children  all trapped inside.  The house was dark and the truck was blocking the exit so they all had to jump out of the window in order to make it out.

The driver of the U-Haul  took off on foot leaving behind the truck and a massive mess.  Neighbors told the homeowner the truck that was filled with said  old tires had been driving around the neighborhood throughout the night.

“I couldn’t say anything. Oh my God. I had never seen anything like this in real life until this morning,”  said Anderson after the sun came up and she was able to see the damage.

Now they are left picking up the pieces and though many of their personal belongings are destroyed, they say they are grateful to all be alive.

“My dining room is completely destroyed, but I give thanks and God for life I am still here my kids thank God for that,” said Edwards.

The house has been deemed an unsafe structure so the Edwards will have to find another place to live.  They told CBS 4’s Marybel Rodriguez they do have somewhere to go and fortunately have insurance which they have already contacted.

(Source: CBS4)

(Source: CBS4)


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