MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Puppy, a partially paralyzed pooch, made South Florida headlines back in November when he wheeled away from his home yet was thankfully reunited with his owner. The dog captured the hearts of many—including a veterinary neurologist who wanted to see if he could help Puppy walk again.

Puppy, a seven-year-old schnauzer, wheeled away from his home in his makeshift wheelchair. The dog was brought to animal services and, after his 15-minutes of fame on local media outlets, Puppy’s owner was notified, by a family member in Cuba, that the dog had escaped. The dog was reunited with his owner.

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Dr. Michael Wong, a board-certified veterinary neurologist, saw Puppy’s story and decided he wanted to try to help the pup loose his wheels.

CBS4’s Walter Makaula went along for Puppy’s examination with Dr. Wong. The dog’s family was there—hoping for a miracle.

Puppy, no longer in a makeshift wheelchair held-in by black electrical tape, rolled into Dr. Wong’s office with his new, upgraded set of wheels.

The dog, after he had a hernia operated three years ago, was left paralyzed. Instead of putting the dog to sleep, Puppy’s owner Mireya Fernandez, bought a little cart for him to move around and was left buying diapers for the dog.

Dr. Wong examined Puppy.

“These are just reflexes that we’re checking. A little skin twitch on his back,” said Dr. Wong.

Puppy’s family remained by his side, eager to learn whether Dr. Wong would be able to cure him of his paralysis.

“What I’m testing now is whether he can feel the stimulus in his back toes,” said Dr. Wong. “Puppy has a problem in his mid-back spinal chord so his front legs are completely normal, but his back legs are just dragging behind him.”

Each case, Dr. Wong explained, is ranked between one and five; one being the mildest where the animal is experiencing pain, category five is where a pinch of the dog’s tail doesn’t cause any pain.

Unfortunately, Puppy’s case is ranked a category five and the dog’s family learned that his condition is beyond anything Dr. Wong can do to help him walk on all-fours again.

Despite the news that Puppy will remain strapped-into his wheelchair, and as long as he doesn’t wheel-away from home again, he has a home and a family that is willing to go above and beyond–changing diapers and all–to take care of the dog’s needs.


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