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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The State Attorney’s office has released evidence in the “Facebook Killing” case to CBS4 News.

The newly provided information includes photos of Derek Medina just hours after he allegedly shot his wife, Jennifer Alfonso, and posted a photo of her body on Facebook on August 8.

For the first time, we are learning what Alfonso’s 10-year-old daughter heard and saw the morning of the shooting.

“Today was like a big fight,” the little girl is quoted as saying to the interviewer.

She said her mom was “screaming and yelling” at Medina, telling him to “leave and get out of the house.

The child, referred to simply by her initials of I.V., said Medina was “trying to calm her mom down”, but Alfonso “went into the bathroom and started throwing stuff at him.”

The girl told the interviewer she “woke up when she heard her mom screaming and crying.”

She said “she heard three bangs.” She liked the sound to “when someone is shooting a gun.”

The girl explained to the interviewer that she lives with her father, but was at Alfonso’s home that day because she was on a break from school.

Audio from a 911 call Medina’s employer made just moments after the killing can be heard on one of a dozen evidentiary CDs. Medina’s manager George Averhoff told the 911 operator,  “someone just called to say he shot his girlfriend 16 times. He’s on his way to the police department. I had to give his name and number either way.”  He said the caller told him it was, “too many years of abuse. She started to hit him he snapped. Shot her.”

WEBEXTRA: Part 1 of Derek Medina’s statement to Miami-Dade Police

WEBEXTRA: Part 2 of Derek Medina’s statement to Miami-Dade Police

WEBEXTRA: Part 3 of Derek Medina’s statement to Miami-Dade Police

Transcripts outline the conversations detectives had with people who knew the couple, including Medina’s aunt, Valerie Medina.  It was her home he drove to right after the shooting.  Here’s part of that conversation.

Detective: “The arguments and fights that you are aware of were verbal, physical or both?

Medina’s Aunt: Both.

Det: Are you aware of any direct incidents where Jennifer would strike or hit Derek?

Aunt: Yeah…yes.

Det: When he arrived at your house what happened?

Aunt: He said, “I love you. I came to say bye and I’m turning myself in because I just shot Jennifer.”

The victim’s ex-husband and the father of Alfonso’s 10-year old daughter told detectives:

Detective: Was there ever a time where Jennifer was violent towards you in any way.

Ex-husband: Nope. Not at all.

Det: Did Jennifer ever hit you?

Ex: Nope.

Det: How was Derek’s personality toward Jennifer?

Ex: He was possessive. He didn’t let her do nothing. He didn’t let her talk to people.  He also threatened…if she ever said anything to anybody or if she tried to leave…he was going to kill her.

Jennifer’s ex-husband described her as quiet and down to earth, and a doting mother.

One of Jennifer’s long-time customers at the restaurant where she worked described her similarly, telling detectives she was really cool and everybody loved her.

Family, friends and coworkers all told police the couple argued all the time and that both were jealous people.

When Medina turned himself into police, he told them Jennifer came at him with a kitchen knife, pictures of the 13-inch knife is part of the State’s evidence.

And reports from police officers who first encountered Medina when he walked into the South Miami Police Department indicate he “spontaneously” said, “I had an argument with my wife and she was hitting me.  She always hits me all the time. I got tired of her hitting me so I shot her.”

Detectives reported seeing “…no obvious signs of injuries. Mr. Medina also did not complain of any injuries.”

When officers asked dispatchers to send fire rescue to the couple’s house, Medina again blurted out “oh she’s dead.  I know she’s dead because I emptied my 380 in her.  Five shots.”

Medina was in court earlier this week for a special hearing.  His attorneys tried to get him released on bond while he awaits trial.   The judge denied that request.


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