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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Prosecutors in the case of Derek Medina, the man who allegedly shot his wife to death and then posted a photo of her dead body on Facebook, have released surveillance from inside the townhome and a glimpse into the victim’s mind via her diary.

CBS4’s news partner the Miami Herald exclusively obtained the video from inside the couple’s townhome and Jennifer Alfonso’s diary that were released by prosecutors as part of the discovery process for Medina’s lawyers who are preparing his defense.

In the video obtained by the paper, you see a scuffle in the kitchen while Alfonso appears to be at the sink doing dishes. Medina then leaves and returns with a gun that is not seen in the video.

Moments later, there is a swirl of gunpowder as he fires his gun six to eight times. Medina then grabs his jacket.

Before leaving, the video shows what looks like the moment Medina snapped the now-infamous photo that he allegedly posted on Facebook of his wife’s body on the kitchen floor of their townhome.

About an hour later, on the video, you see police entering the home with guns drawn. Shortly after they discover Jennifer’s body.

Also obtained by the Miami Herald are pages from Jennifer’s diary titled, “The Mind of an Insane Women.”

In the diary she speaks of ghosts in the house, “I feel something here with us.” She also writes about being a “sourpuss” and “not always the happiest camper” even writing, “makes me wonder if its really love holding us together.”

In the diary Alfonso writes how she’s, “thinking about reading the Bible” and that she “can’t sleep thinking about my unhappy husband and zombies.”

Alfonso’s diary depicts a marriage in trouble, even extreme jealousy “like want to murder type deal” that her “blood boiled” because her husband looked at other women.

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