MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – The Miami Beach Mayoral race is going to get some extra coverage thanks to a funnyman turned politician.  MTV is even shooting a documentary centering on comedian Steve Berke’s run for office. Wednesday, Berke revealed his plans for the city’s future.

Connecting Downtown Miami to Miami Beach using an urban cable car system is a bold plan by Mayoral Candidate Steve Berke. His challenge is getting voters to take this idea and his other ideas seriously. It’s a plan that could revolutionize Miami Beach, Berke believes.  And he’s already named it–‘The Skylink.’

It’s a proposed state of the art integrated transportation system that links Downtown Miami to South Beach.

“It’s iconic, it will be a tourist bucket list item. Up there with the  Eiffel tower or the London Eye,” Berke said.

The Skylink is part of Berke’s ambitious five-point-plan he calls his ’20/20 Vision.’ But, it’s how Miami Beach voters see him that will determine whether he can pull it off.

That’s because Berke is also a comedian, director/producer, and youtuber. Also, he’s an admitted pot smoker.

Berke can be found in a YouTube video singing a Macklemore parody about buying and smoking pot, even having the munchies. But he says that shouldn’t cloud voters judgment.

“I use marijuana for medicinal purposes when I can’t bear the pain. It’s not very often”, said Berke.

Ironically, Berke’s 20/20 Vision also blasts Miami Beach Police for misconduct and accuses them of using steroids.

“Our residents deserve to know that when an officer discharges his weapon his mental and emotional state aren’t compromised,” Berke said.

With no allegiance to Republicans or Democrats, Berke said he represents the ‘After Party.’ He promises to also tackle issues that really affect residents like fiscal responsibility and street flooding.

Other candidates vying for the same seat in office say Berk’s ideas are nothing new. Candidate and Commissioner Michael Gongora tells CBS 4 that decriminalization and a review of the Miami Beach Police Department are already making its way through the commission.

The plan to build the world’s largest cable system could cost 450 million dollars. Berke hopes to fund that project with public/private partnership.


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