BSO Holds SWAT Training At Port Everglades

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Simulation: BSO held SWAT training September 5, 2013.   (Source: CBS4)

Simulation: BSO held SWAT training September 5, 2013. (Source: CBS4)

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PORT EVERGLADES (CBSMiami) – Gunfire at Port Everglades and terrorists barge into a terminal—this is all part of a mock terrorist attack put together by Broward Sheriff’s Office for SWAT team training.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department, the FBI, the U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Customs and Border Protection all participated in BSO’s training Thursday at Port Everglades.

The training scenario at Port Everglades was set up as a mock terrorist attack.

“A group of sovereign citizens with military training, wanted to steal some cargo—in this case weapons and ammo that was going overseas,” said Richard Saito of BSO SWAT team.

During the training, “terrorists” set off explosives hitting two cars that were supposed to be police cars. The cars ended up blocking the way the SWAT can get in.

“At the end of the day, these drills are to ensure that we’re prepared for worst case scenario,” Capt. Eddie Grant.

Capt. Grant is the head of BSO SWAT.  He said drills like these keep tactical units on their game.

In these drills, just like real life, they have no idea what to expect.  For an area like South Florida, simulations could be what properly prepares these men and women to one day save a life—or lives.

“We are a highly vulnerable area,” said Grant.  “We have stadiums, large events that go on, two major ports, so to ignore it and think this area is not a potential target would be ignorant on our part.”

BSO conducts drills similar drills two or three times a year.

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