By Joan Murray

WEST PALM BEACH (CBS4) — Dressed in a black shirt and white tie with his grandmother at his side, Michael Brewer was one of the first to show up at drug court in West Palm Beach making sure he was at the hearing that he ‘missed’ last month.

In court, the judge asked Brewer if he did what was asked of him.

“Michael Brewer do you have the essay?” the judge said.

“Yes I do,” Brewer replied.

Brewer was ordered to write an essay on how to manage different responsibilities including drug court after he failed to make a court hearing

Drug court is an alternative for first-time offenders like Brewer who was arrested March 20 when he was pulled over for making an illegal u-turn.

According to Florida Highway Patrol, marijuana crack cocaine, oxycodone and drug paraphernalia were in the vehicle.

Though Brewer’s family won’t talk about the drug charges they have said he’s forever scarred by the events of late 2009 when Michael Brewer, just 15, was doused with rubbing alcohol and set on fire.

Three teenagers accused of burning Brewer were sent to prison while he endured months of agonizing rehabilitation.

In a previous interview, Valerie Brewer said, “Mentally he has a long way to go he really does still wakes up with nightmares and wonders how people he knew did this to him.”

Brewer said little leaving court, but indicated he is anxious to start his senior year of high school. Off camera his grandmother Reenie Brewer told CBS4’s Joan Murray, he has been going to drug counseling and has passed his random drug testing.

The judge ordered Brewer back to court at the end of August. If he stays clean he will be able to put the drug matter in the past.


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