MIAMI (CBS4) – The crash at San Francisco International Airport shut down the airport for most of Saturday afternoon which forced the cancellation flights across the country including here in South Florida.

According to airport websites, the airport closure affected four flights at Miami International Airport and two flights at Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International.

Travelers at Miami International Airport stood in line to re-book flights. Some said they’d be stranded in South Florida for days.

“The soonest they can get us on is Tuesday night and they’re not letting us go anywhere else so we’re stuck here,” said Tracy Thorson.

Thorson said she heard about the crash while on the runway. Thorson described herself as frustrated.

“We want to get home. We’ve been gone for a week. We have two kids at home, two small kids,” she said.

Many who found their flights canceled said rescheduling wasn’t easy.

“We tried to get into the surrounding airports and all flights were full because of re-booking,” said Adrienne Whitmore who was trying to get home to San Francisco.

The Jacobs family couldn’t get a flight from Miami to San Francisco until Wednesday afternoon.

“We don’t know where we’re going tonight. We can try some hotel. We have no car and good thing we have dirty laundry,” said Viola Jacobs.

Still, she didn’t complain “life is like that,” she said.

Traveler Nazila Massoodi took the inconvenience in stride. When she heard about the crash she was most concerned for the people involved.

“They’re going to be in our prayers,” she said.

If you’re heading to San Francisco or expecting visitors from that area, check with your airline before heading to the airport.


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