Poll: Most Americans Cheering For Spurs In Finals

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – While the Miami Heat tied the 2013 NBA Finals at 2-2 Thursday night, outside of South Florida, the San Antonio Spurs are the overwhelming selection for Americans to win the NBA championship.

According to Public Policy Polling, 32 percent of those surveyed wanted the Spurs to win the Finals while 20 percent selected the Heat. The polling came as part of a larger poll dealing with other political issues of the day.

PPP broke the numbers down further and found that among voters who supported Barack Obama, the Spurs were favored by a 28-25 percent margin, while Mitt Romney voters supported San Antonio by a 37-15 percent margin.

The PPP poll found across all political ideologies, the Spurs were the preferred winners over the Heat with “very conservative” voters picking San Antonio by the largest margin, 42-15 percent.

Breaking the numbers down by race, Hispanic voters picked the Heat by a 31-28 percent margin while African-American’s picked the Heat by a 44-28 percent margin. White voters favored the Spurs by 17 percent, 32-15 percent.

And if you’re really curious, PPP broke the poll down by vegetarian versus meat eaters with vegans preferring the Spurs by a 47-10 percent gap and omnivores picking the Spurs by a 31-21 percent margin.

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